Why Work With Us?

At Marketing Lab, we have a holistic approach to digital marketing. Meaning, when we work with a client, we want to get long term sustainable results for our clients. We NEVER get attracted towards a shiny object and we don’t do some gimmick for a short term result. When we work with a client, our goal is to get consistent and sustainable results. Having managed millions of dollars on ad spend for our clients, we believe in a no BS and no-fluff approach.

How We Work

Finding the Perfect Fit

During our initial discovery call, we will find out if we can serve you to the best of our abilities. If we are not 100% certain that we can get a positive ROI for you, we will convey the same without wasting your money.

Let’s Get The Ball Rolling

This is where we'll chat about how we work, answer all your questions & discuss the next steps.

Welcome On-Board

At this point, someone from my team will work with you to build the strategy and launch your campaign.

The Prep Work

In the background, we will be building your campaigns and accounts to get ready for launch.

Facebook Ads

Having spent more than half-million dollars, pounds, and euros on live Facebook ad campaigns, we know how to use Facebook ads to consistently deliver outstanding results.

Instagram Ads

With 400 million plus daily active users, if your brand doesn’t have a good presence on Instagram, you’re losing money! We strategically work to use Instagram for our clients at different stages of the funnel.

YouTube Ads

One of the untapped advertising platforms. We help businesses make money using video and YouTube Ads. You don’t need to have hundreds of videos to run YouTube ads, we can help you create your video. We even write the script for you, so you just have to record the video and see the magic unfold.

LinkedIn Ads

With more than 600 million users, LinkedIn is the #1 professional platform. Fact: Over 20% of LinkedIn users are capable of making buying decisions for their companies.

Lead Generation

Lead generation, aka the life and blood of any business, is the #1 challenge for most of businesses. We use various methods of lead generation such as paid advertising, content marketing, email marketing, etc.

YouTube Organic

If you have a YouTube channel and you’re not getting views OR if you are just starting out with YouTube, this is for you. With YouTube SEO, we can rank your videos on the first page of Youtube and Google, resulting in amazing views, subscribers and ultimately, sales!

How Can We Help You Achieve Your Business Goals?