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We help you create a reliable and profitable marketing system that will provide your business A Predictable Selling System

Grow Your Business in 3 Simple Steps

More Leads, Resulting in More Sales and More Profits
Step 1
Schedule Your Free Consultation

Our goal with this call is simple, to understand your business better and to equip you with real world strategies which will help you grow your business.

Step 2
Realize Your Business True Potential

During the free consultation, you will speak to a Certified Marketing Strategist who will know where your business is now and map out a plan for growth.

Step 3
Implement The Strategies and Grow Your Business

At the end of the call, you will walk away with a proven strategy that’s custom made to help you grow your business.

Trust That All Staff Working on Your Project is Certified... Always.
Some of the Results We Have Got For Our Clients
Sales: £7428.85
Ad Spend: £145.01
Result: 5100% Return on Ad Spend
Sales: £33618.07
Ad Spend: £2749.53
Result: 1223% Return on Ad Spend
Previous Cost Per Lead: $5.27
Cost Per Lead by Me: $1.13
Result: Reduce Ad Spend by 80%
Sales: $42000 (Off-Facebook Sales Tracking)
Ad Spend: $2297.70
Result: Close to 2000% Return on Ad Spend
Ready to Make a Real Change In Your Business?
If you want to grow your business, it is important to recognize the common pitfalls and understand ways how you can overcome them.

Let me guess, you are here as probably you could use some help to grow your business further.

You want real impactful results.

We think that business owners like you wants to leave beside old-fashioned, ineffective advertising with a system that’s proven to deliver result. You are looking for predictable quality new customers who would love to do business with you.

And that is exactly what we do. See below how we do it.

How We Double Your Sales?

Let’s jump right to it. There are only 4 ways to grow any business. They are:




Frequency of Purchase

Doubling any of these variables will double your sales. If you double them all, it will 16x your business.

Practically can you double them all? Highly unlikely.

Can you double one of these factors? Or even two of them? Absolutely.

To double your business, you have to grow any of all of those:

  • Increase the number of leads your business is generating
  • Increase the number of customers who buy from you
  • Increase the margin you make from every sale
  • Increase the frequency of purchase

Depending on what stage your business is at, we will strategically advise you on which of these factors to focus on.

Top 4 Reasons People Trust Marketing Lab

Our Quality

We never compromise quality over anything else. Quality always comes first and foremost. We research your business closely and then come up with strategies that will work for your business. We have quality checks for every work done, which makes sure there’s always a second pair of eyes.

Our Result Oriented Attitude

Here’s the hard truth, Digital marketing is complicated! There are new platforms, technologies, and "shiny objects” emerging almost every day, so it’s hard to decide which one to focus on. We carefully chose what will work for your business and get you the result. That’s what ultimately matters, right?

Our People

Every single staff in Marketing Lab is certified so know that you’re working with people who have been doing this for several years and knows how to get result.

Our Philosophy

It’s simple, we do not work with business who we don’t believe are the right fit. You wouldn’t see many marketers denying work but we believe in only working with clients who we can greatly impact and wow them at every step of our way.

Who We Can Help?

To set the expectation right, we Do NOT work with everyone. You wouldn’t hear a marketing company say this but we do not work with clients who are not the right fit.

We are not a right fit if you fall in any of these categories:

If you don’t fall in one of these 3 categories and still reading, Let’s Talk.

See What Other’s Have to Say

The team did an amazing job with my paid advertising campaign, with a fast turnaround time. They followed my wishes exactly. The result was not just what I was hoping for, but much better! I am so happy that I found someone that I work with, for all my marketing needs. I'd recommend their services to any client, no matter what your niche is.

Carrie, Travel Writer

This has been a game-changer experience for me. They don’t promise any shiny objects, no fluff, smoke, and mirrors or B.S. Marketing Lab generated real results for me and went above and beyond what I could have even imagined. In 90 days, we went from 1.8 to 4.3 ROAS.


Mintu’s team tried to understand my needs and presented to me a plan on how to meet them. Their approach to marketing has changed my business inside out, reduced my marketing cost while increasing the number of leads. Highly recommended.

Law Firm in NYC

Mintu is a very skilled and knowledgeable Digital Marketer, particularly with YouTube and Facebook. He has amazed me with his Ad buying skills! And also the organic reach he generates on YouTube. Very adaptable, approachable, and extremely dedicated!


I had an ad campaign that was not converting as expected. After collaborating with Mintu, he helped me come up with better content and design which made a huge impact on the campaign. The guys at Marketing Lab knows how to get results!

C Johnson

Hiring Mintu to do our FB ads was one of our best decisions. It's amazing to me that he had them up and running within a week and getting results within days.

Elizabeth Gordon

Ready to Transform Your Business with a Reliable, Profitable, and Predictable Marketing System?