Top 10 Digital Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2021

Hello there…

Gone is 2020 and even the first month of 2021. Feels good, isn’t it?

Imagine living in the past. I am not talking about ancient or medieval times or even 2020. With the world changing so fast, if you are not living in the future, you are living in the past!

Speaking of the future, these are the trends we feel are going to dominate 2021. 

1. Customer Segmentation 

It’s not new and it’s not news! Manual segmentation is becoming obsolete, safe to assume that for engagements over 100, the digital ad algorithms can micro-segment the perfect audience.

Companies like Facebook or Google have so much data of their users that it won’t be an exaggeration to say that they can understand them much better and deepen than humans.

The goal of course is more engagement, customer retention, lower costs, and higher value.

2. Featured Snippet and No click search 

We all love it when we get what we are looking for without having to click different links and research. You are going to see more of this in 2021. This presents digital marketers with new challenges and opportunities. Get your content to be a “featured snippet”. This would build brand and authority and warm your audience for more.

3. Automated bidding for google ads

It started in 2016 but 2021 could be a big year! Digital Marketers won’t need to tweak their google ads for optimizing them. Yes, Automated bidding will optimize the ad better than any digital marketer. What does it mean for a marketer? It will free them up to devote more time and effort to other channels and aspects of digital marketing.  For a lot of marketers, this is high time they channeled more effort into the basics of digital marketing, customer value journey, creating offers and landing pages, and other things that cannot be automated as of now. Makes sense?

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4. Ad Blocked 

Have your opinions as much on this but studies suggest that over a quarter of internet users will have ad blockers by the year-end. What does it mean for marketers? We believe marketers will find a way out, they always do 😉

Are you up for this challenge? let us know in the comments.

5. SEO for Voice and Image.

Interestingly, voice searches give different results when compared to text searches. With more and more people using voice search, 2021 may see a rush to crack the code for voice search.

Imagine uploading an image to obtain a variety of contexts. 2021 may unfold how exactly people use this feature. It could be a major breakthrough across industries or genres. From finding out if some food is suitable for consumption to let your friends know more about that vacation. It could be a game-changer. 

6. Values 

It is not just the technology that drives our future. Public awareness is at its peak and people want to know where the businesses and brands they patronize stand on issues like ethics, gender and race discrimination, inclusivity etc.

Rather than minting money and rolling out case studies, patrons expect the brands to wear their opinion on their sleeves, in this era of Twitter boycotts we are already seeing brands trying to find their tribe and polarize them into fans by standing out for something they believe in.

7. Conversational Marketing 

People in the 21st year of the 21st century do not like to wait. With all the “immediate “ or “real-time” response, we will see a lot of brands doing conversational marketing. imagine a chatbot booking you a cab, ordering food, and even selling you a holiday.

For a marketer, it would mean enhancing the user experience through feedback. It would also mean flexibility in the customer value journey or a non-linear customer value journey. Marketing is going to be more “ in the moment “ or “with the flow”.

8. Localization 

Geo-fencing , geo-targeting, and local SEO. In times, where everything else is increasingly global. We are set to witness hyper localization in 2021. If you are a local business, you should signup for google my business. This helps you rank higher. If you are a marketer, you should make sure you optimize better for local businesses. Include the city, town and landmarks, and other relevant keywords. Imagine getting a marketing message as soon as you get near an ice cream shop? Marketers know if you like ice cream 😉

9. Personalization

Hello “Firstname” You need to personalize your content, products, emails, and more…

Why? Here are the stats:

  • 9 in 10 people find personalization appealing
  • 8 in 10 people are likely to consider a company if they personalize experiences
  • 6 in 10 people are annoyed with generic advertisements.

All businesses are already trying to do as much personalization as possible. Successful examples would be Netflix, however, you can imagine how important it is given that Starbucks tries to remember your preferred coffee, Dairy Milk comes with a bar of chocolate to “suit” you. What can you do for your clients? Put your thinking caps on.

10. Alternate Search Engines

You probably never imagined this, right? It is just too improbable that everyone switches to a new and different browser, isn’t it? while we agree to that. Here is what we found. Have you heard about DuckDuckGo? It has been making some waves with the tagline “ the search engine that doesn’t track you” DuckDuckGo has confirmed being profitable and that has caused a lot of interest.  With rampant data scandals everywhere, DuckDuckGo has caught a lot of attention and even the CEO of Twitter has endorsed it. What is ahead of us? While privacy concerns getting more and more important, we are keen on this. While it is a long shot for DuckDuckGo or any other search engine, but do we need time to follow a trend?

We are definitely watching out for this one. 

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What do you think? let us know.