The Pros and Cons of Freelancing in Digital Marketing

Are you planning to start a freelancing career in Digital Marketing or looking for a way to quit your current job and be your own boss? Whichever be the case, this write-up is for you. Such decisions are not easy and often confusing. 

Hence we have listed out the pros and cons list on your behalf before you start treading the waters.

There are multiple niches in digital marketing where you could freelance, some of these require more technical skills than the others. Content marketing, social media management, Search Engine Optimization, and Search Engine Marketing are some of the digital marketing specializations. 

Content Marketing can be divided further into content distribution, strategy, and writing. Content strategy involves charting out a client’s content plan. This includes finding out what type of content most appeals to your client’s target audience. With content writing, of course, comes writing and there are many subtypes to choose to specialize in like eBooks, blog articles, website copy, landing pages, and even more varieties. Content distribution focuses on promoting the content of your client, aimed at driving the audience to their sites.

Then there’s social media management where you are chief in charge of your client’s social media handle. Here you have to post content that entails promoting your client’s brand or business on their social channels. Even though it might seem like an easy job to do, there is a discipline to it and you must be aware of how to surf through the algorithms to use it to optimize reach and engagement. 

SEO and SEM are the other limbs of digital marketing where Search Engine Optimization is the method you use to rank your client’s website organically on a search engines’ page while Search Engine Marketing refers to the process of increasing a client’s visibility on search engines through paid methods such as PPC ads.

These are your options when choosing your niche as a digipreneur, how to choose your niche is however a different topic altogether. Now that you have a fair understanding of what is the work most likely to be like, let’s get to the pros and cons.

The Pros
Here are some of the pros of freelancing in digital marketing.

  • You have no boss or supervisor

Nobody who outranks you governs or dictates what you do will come as a relief to many.
That just sounds too amazing, isn’t it?

  • Flexible work timings

You decide your working hours. Even if you have to abide by a deadline that has been set, you can still be working according to your convenience.
You can always choose where to work both the physical environment and the client you work for. This is one of the greatest advantages of a freelancer, the freedom of choosing where your productivity is directed to.

  • Work is fun

Another advantage to freelancing in this sector is that each and every project is presented to you can be handpicked by you. Apart from that, not one of them is entirely similar to the other, hence the chances of you being affected by boredom in the industry is very slim. Without a repetitive workload, it is fairly certain that your work-life would swerve away from that monotonous route.

  • You decide your Pay

This is not an easy task, but once you have reached there, it is the best thing about freelancing. There is no way your payment can be restricted by a dumb company policy or any sort of middlemen.
One look at these benefits, you must already be riled up to chase that ideal freelancing career. All these benefits, put together will give you the impression “you can do it, in your own terms” and it is true, in a sense. Thousands of freelancing digital marketers live out their lives in the utmost freedoms and pleasures, traveling around the world, drinking a cocktail laid back on a lawn chair out on the garden of their private condo. Some even manage their kids and family in the midst of staying in the game. A career can be fun yet rewarding and these people are living examples of it.

Another highlight is that digital marketing is a recession-proof business, despite it sounding like a bit of a stretch. But given the extent of demand for it, it is indeed a thriving division.
Sure, the pros seem really enticing, but before you jump in head first, you must also be aware of the cons that prevent so many from taking freelancing up as a career.

The Cons

Here is the other side of the coin.

  •  The Competition

To start out as a freelancer is tough and keeping up your stride is tough too, but relatively easier. To stand out from the rest of them is a necessity for survival in the field.

  • Your Earning is Not Steady

There is no fixed income set, for one project you might receive a hefty amount but for the next you might not. It depends on the type of assignment as well as on the time invested in it. But this condition should improve as you climb up the ladder, building your client base, gaining expertise, and earning your reputation. But with freelancing, you can never expect the same stability you get from a regular long-term job.

  • You have no Sponsors

Since you are not attached to any enterprise for the long haul, nobody would be ready to put in cash to upgrade your skills. So you must deliberately and consciously keep yourself informed of the changes taking place in your business environment and train yourself accordingly. Make sure to keep yourself sharp and adaptable to new methods of doing the deed to maintain your position as a relevant player in the game.

We definitely do not want to sound pessimistic nor do we enjoy overt optimism. What we have laid above are mere facts.

Freelancing in digital marketing does have its perks and also it is difficult to endure in it as well if you are unaware of these facts and act aloof. If you are equipped to bring something that is appropriate and to learn and hone your skills, then you can, not just survive, but make it big in this sector.

Perseverance is key, and a willingness to learn as you move forward. Awareness should be followed by Action. If a freelancing career in digital marketing is what you desire, we have something that is just right for you.

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