4 Tips To Survive A Toxic Workplace

Raise your hand if you work in a place where you have faced any of the following issues:

1.   Being asked to work inhumanely long hours consistently

2.   Bullied by bosses or coworkers

3.   Felt like no matter what you do and how hard you try, your work is always going unnoticed, unappreciated.

4.   Been given a lot of criticism, but none of it constructive?

5.   Constantly being made to feel like an outsider looking in?

These are just some of the signs that your workplace is more toxic than a radioactive nuclear plant!

Research shows that repeated job strain can be a trigger for depression.

There have been actual cases of young employees going into Cardiac Arrest caused due to extreme stress. 

And we are here to tell you, it's not your fault. 

Take a breath and think about what we are saying, its going to make a lot of sense and might actually help you too!

Don’t Blame Yourself

If you are working at a place, where the mere thought of going to work when you wake up in the morning fills you with dread.

If you are at a place in life where you feel you are being made to feel that nothing you do is good enough.

If there is anything else too.

Just know that it is NOT YOUR FAULT.

Source Of The Problem

Most companies that have a toxic work culture, aren’t even aware of it.

If your manager is creating a hostile work environment for you, chances are he doesn’t even know about it because he doesn’t think of it that way.

The problem lies with the decades of thought processes that have been forced down everyone’s throat.

The problem is that because your managers and their managers before them were also faced with the same things and that is why for them, chances are that this is the norm.

It isn’t.

What can you do?

There really isn’t much we can do to change your workplace. That’s a battle for another day.

But we do have a list of things you can do, to survive the toxicity and come out on the other side.

#1 Remind yourself that it’s not your fault.

Being in a toxic environment makes it very easy to forget your own worth and put you in a position where everything that goes wrong feels like it’s your fault.

It Is NOT Your Fault.

Put up motivational posters and post-it notes on every surface of your desk if you have to. Make it your phone wallpaper if need be. But remember that you are not the one to be blamed.

Whether it is being blamed for things that weren’t your mistakes or whether it feels like all your hard work doesn’t even matter.

Just remember that you are not in control of others and can therefore you cannot do anything about their actions. You are, however, in charge of yourself, and therefore can control how much you want to let them affect you.

#2 Start Treating Your Job Like A JOB

Your Job is just a Job. It is not your life. It does not define who you are.

Read it again! Let it sink in.

Workaholism is a normalized behavior and it is not fair.

You are allowed to have a life outside of your work. You are allowed to take a day off if you need it. And you are allowed to draw a line between your work life and private life. 

It is okay to forbid that spill over. Your success will be defined by the work you do. Not how many hours you spent doing it.

It is okay to leave work at the prescribed hours. And come back with a fresh mindset the next day. Your productivity is not dictated by whether you were sitting in office till 11 PM or not, what matters is that you got the job done. And you can finish it by 6 PM and leave for home too!

#3 Pick up a Hobby

A toxic workplace can easily take the joy out of the work you do. Pick up an old hobby, a creative outlet for all your pent-up feelings.

It really helps.

It also helps you enjoy your private personal life.

Don’t let your hobbies be restricted by the boundaries of productivity.

It is okay to spend your free time doing something absolutely non-productive as long as it helps you rejuvenate for the next week.

So, pick up those paints, or join a dance class. Get that Netflix subscription. Whatever sails your boat.

Just make sure whatever it is, makes you happy!

#4 Planning for your future

All of this is just going to patch the cracks. You do however need to think about what might be best for you and how to fix those cracks. We can understand why leaving your job can be daunting. In spite of all its drawbacks, it still pays the bills. Nobody can deny the importance of that.

You could look for another job, you may be lucky and find a wonderful place to work or you may get a job which might pay you more but still be just as miserable because of the work culture.

So, start planning for the future you want! Start saving money and envisioning the day you will be happier at work. Hold on to that hope with all your might.

Start a side hustle and pick up new skills so that you can consider changing careers down the line.

Figure out what makes you happy and start working towards that goal.

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