2 Proven Strategies To Land More Freelancing Clients

As a freelancer in 2021 succeeding may depend on your abilities to grab the attention and adapt to the changing world. The Coronavirus pandemic changed the world of business completely, also additionally added some opportunities. Businesses commenced working from home and selling products online and strengthening relationships with their clients. 

This has opened some more doors for you as a freelancer, that are, businesses outsourcing their requirements because they are comfortable and understand the work from home perks now. Businesses looking for collaborations with freelancers as a part of this new normal. Some newbies in the business post their 9-5 jobs looking for freelancers for their requirements. 

Don’t you think you need to skill-up for these opportunities your way, because where there is an opportunity there is the competition? 

Let me break it down to two proven strategies to land freelancing clients:

A. Personalized Proposals

Who doesn’t like something personalized and unique? Here we have curated some points to help you create an impression with the proposal that stands out.

1. Ask for your client’s input 

No, you do not have to ask for their input in proposing them, but in understanding the problems they may have in their business and the pain points they would want to work on. This is the opportunity to identify the needs of your client.

Ask them what made them think of outsourcing the service? 

What are the exact things they need you to help their business with?

This will surely make you feel confident about the time and resources that you can invest in, to give your client the results they need. 

Including the pain points in the proposal is another way you tell your client that you have completely understood the areas of improvement.

Every problem is different for every business, hence when you come up with a proposal that addresses the problems, it builds a trust factor and is a great approach to make your proposal unique and personalized for your client.

2. Prior Research

 Go on to their website, their social media, they probably have drafted some of it themselves, can be an easy way to know more about your potential client and understand their problems. 

From these platforms, you may find some points that will persuade them to read till the end. It will also give you an insight about their events and achievements, you may include it in the proposal stating it like ‘you were really impressed by the award they had won/ event of their product launch.’ It will create a thought in their mind about how well you know your game and a skill highlight that is research

3. Talk Pricing

 After they have read all the above points, they would want to come down to the pricing. Make it as clear and to the point as possible. Leverage the breakdown of the pricing well. Mention the services that you will offer and what they cost. 

Reflect the needs and priorities of the business. Offer specialized packages to make them feel special. For the returning clients, you can have a returning client package, it may be enough for them to feel valued. 

4. Attach your portfolio

No proposal is complete without the portfolio or the detailed case study of the prior work experience. It does count for a client whether or not in doubt. 

The second proven strategy that helps in, landing a freelancing client your way is:

B. Cover Letters

Cover Letter, yes right, it may seem daunting sometimes but is equally important from getting the attention of the prospect to closing the deal with the right solutions for your client.

Do you for some reason think cover letters are just a type of introduction or a summary that can define yourself or your business? Well, we might bring a change in it. 

Now, I am putting stress on proposal cover letters.

Why are the proposal & cover letters important?

Well if we directly come to the point it is your first impression with the prospects. It signifies how well you can make a fruitful, potential, and professional relationship with your prospects. If we classify two major parts of writing a proposal cover letter it would be:

Structure and format of the writing

The format of a cover letter Is more of a formal letter with a salutation and sign off, it doesn’t contain any long notes or strategies. It should be very expressive and to the point at the same time. Cover letters are the one-pager conversational type which is more prospect oriented, exciting, entertaining write up.

Now if you are habituated with this particular type let's dig into the strategies and methods:

So, what are the steps:

1. Your goal is to get attention from your prospect. 

2. Let them know why you are the best fit. 

3. You can also add potential solutions

3. Now free up some space for your prospect and let them decide what they want.

4. Tone and flavor of the writing

How you write your proposal should be consistent with your brand style, voice, language, and tone. It is almost like a reflection of the wider view that is the proposal. The information included should speak and specify the client’s pain point and why are you the best with the right solutions. 

If you are already confused then let’s make it simple. As we are staying in a digital age everything about pen and paper is a backdated element for us. Now the time has come when we need to start a formal letter writing again.

Let’s dig in some pro tips for writing a cover letter:

  • It is mandatory to start a cover letter with proper contact details. It can be the contact details of a person or in the case of any organization, the name of it and contacts should be mentioned.
  • A greeting or salutation is the necessary thing.
  • 3. Next step includes a very brief as well as effective introduction along with your achievements and services or skill sets (for an individual).
  • 4. Emphasise your offerings.
  • 5. Lastly complete the cover letter with your name and not forget to mention a simple “Thank you” or showing a little gratitude. 

And what more… The last pro tip for all the readers. Always try to add your flavor with the format, to make it personalized for every client.

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Hope this would come up like a go-to guide for you while you write your next converting cover letter and proposal. Please reach out to us in the comment section for feedback and suggestions, we shall be happy to address all of them. Thank you for sticking with us. 

Do take care of yourselves.