Stop Living For The Weekend

Roughly estimated we spend a third of our lives at work and daydream about the Friday nights with a million cups of coffee to have us survive the day. You sit staring at the clock on Friday evening to experience that fugitive moment of freedom again, and to trash down on your bed with a messy room that had not been cleaned for the week again, lying all day in the bed with zero productivity and before you know your treasured weekend leaves you behind with yet another Monday!! and the cycle continues all over again. It isn't a recipe for a happy life.

Isn't that hard to accept that we spend too much of our mental and emotional capabilities just waiting for the weekend? and if you look closer you are hardly experiencing or enjoying your life, or the precious days that pass by and will never return.

According to an article by Forbes, we are only 16.7% productive on Fridays, and on Saturdays and Sundays, only 4.7%, isn’t it surprising that weekends influence our whole week?

Here are five ways to help change the way you see and live your weekdays.

Find A Career Stream That You Enjoy And Upskill Yourself

We spend almost 60% of our time at work. If most of your workdays are mundane and don't excite you. it will not only affect your mental health but also your personal life. You may feel annoyed, frustrated, and wouldn't enjoy your off days as well, the feeling of treasuring the weekend to never let it go can make you a depressed person. Period.

Finding a career stream that you may want to pursue a better skillset or better compensation is an effective way to be productive. Several career streams do not need degrees to learn and earn, and of course thanks to Google,hubspot, udemy, coursera and other platforms that make it so easy to acquire a new skill or upskill . Join paid and free courses and keep upskilling. All you need is your mindset shift and determination to create alternative or back up career plan for yourself.

"Why You Must Have A Backup Plan for Your Career?"

Make a list of your strengths

Identify your inner gifts. What are you good at? whether it is communication, or writing, or coaching.
Consider taking the help of your friends and people you think would know you well. Let them know, you are trying to explore yourself and your skills and ask for their input in it. Market research is always a great option, research about the skills you are most confident in. Self-awareness about your strengths makes you more confident. 

Find A Side Hustle

Starting a side hustle is a daunting task but worth the effort if you put in the dedication and hard work needed. You always have the option and opportunity to build a career where you wouldn't need to wait for weekends. Start with a freelancing project or networking for your business. It takes heatless prioritization and fierce determination.

If you want to start your side hustle as a freelancer you can check out our course “
Become a Digipreneur”.

Don’t Live To Work, Work For A Living

Do you know there are almost 52 Mondays in a year? Every Monday, which is the start of a new week means a new opportunity. People hate Mondays only because their body and mind are programmed in a way that senses a workday as a hustle day. It feels like a hustle because you are not happy with what you are doing and have different reasons to be in a particular job that doesn't include happiness. And on the other side, some people choose the profession they love and enjoy life like it's the weekend every day.
You need to choose your side whether you want to live to work or work for a living. You can merge both and find a midpoint. And I am sure you will make the best decision for yourself.

Say Bye To The Sunday Blues

Yes! Sunday blues, you have it and you can't lie. Sunday night feels like a package of anxiety and discomfort. To avoid the Sunday blues consider making these little inclusions in your routine.

1. Have a routine, stop binging on a show all night on the bed.
2. Clean your room and change the bedsheets, trust me a clean room and squeaky clean bedsheets are therapeutic.
3. Plan out your week ahead, make the to-do lists that include your grocery shopping and laundry. Do not leave it all for the weekend.
4. Give yourself time to relax and indulge in self-care, which excludes lying all day on the bed and sleeping.

Having implemented these ways for your professional and personal wellbeing will do magic. The week would seem seamless and counting the days to financial freedom would be much easier.
You no longer will have to crawl to the weekends and wait for Friday evening to make yourself feel alive and happy.

Be rested, motivated and stop living for the weekend.

Let us know in the comments if these ways felt like you haven't tried and would help you juggle the depressing thoughts? We would love to know.