Step By Step Guide To Get Started With Digital Marketing

What if I told you that a high-paying career does not require a college degree?

Not kidding and it is no surprise.

In the last few years, it has become a hot career choice for many aspirants out there. And unlike medical, engineering, or law, it does not need a formal education over years.

Yes, I am talking about Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing is a results-driven industry, clients, and companies care about results and not your degrees.

Exciting, right?

But wait, Is it for you?

With everything going digital, digital marketing is extremely popular now, everybody is talking about it. Do not follow everyone else to mediocrity. This career does not need degrees but it surely needs training.

Here is a step-by-step process you can follow to get started with Digital Marketing Career in 2021.

  • Know about Digital Marketing

With all the buzz around it, there has also been confusion. Spend some time researching and follow the best people in business, bust the myths around it and begin with a clear head and mind.

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Different domains for digital marketing: -

There are many domains in digital marketing. You can learn one and master it as your niche or learn all. What is better is a topic of discussion for another day.

1) Search Engine Optimization.

Search Engine Optimization helps in getting organic traffic to your website content. It can also be said that it is improving the quality and quantity of website traffic via search engines. With the help of keyword, it makes possible for people to search your site via search engines like google and Bing.

2) Social Media Marketing.

Social media marketing helps you generate leads via social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In, and many more. Not only lead generation but also enhances brand awareness and loyalty. You can also communicate with your customers and solve their problems.

It is really popular and is here to stay.

3) Google ads

It is Google’s advertising program that allows your product to reach the audience who are interested in your product. When somebody clicks on your ad amount will be deducted it is called PPC (Pay per click).

4) Content Marketing

Content creation and marketing is a crucial domain of digital marketing. Content attracts the customer via videos, blogs, articles, social media posts, etc. Content marketing is a strategy to attract customers through the content created. Good content helps in generating leads, cultivate brand loyalty, and increases customer trust.

5) Copywriting

Please do not confuse it with copyright 😉

In simple terms, what you write to sell is copywriting. It remains one of the highest-paid digital marketing skills.

There is so much more to it, but one may choose to start with any of these.

  • Certifications

Certifications are not a must but they might help you learn in an organized way and build confidence. To early freelancers, it may also help in building credibility.

There are many courses out there, starting from Udemy, HubSpot, and Google certifications. However, Choosing a mentor and his courses might accelerate your learning and exposure as well. Learning is experiential and learning to monetize a skill is difficult with theoretical courses.

Choosing a course might be a difficult decision. if you need help in choosing the perfect course for you, this might be helpful. How To Choose The Right Digital Marketing Course?

  • Be result-driven

Remember for all times to come, it is always the results that matter. Nobody works with you because you are knowledgeable or wise or clever. What a client wants from you is revenue for his business. Be Clear with that always. If you can not help a business grow and convince them of the same, they wouldn’t want to work with you.

If you cannot get results or are not confident of the same, you still need to learn, review and update your skills

  • Get comfortable being uncomfortable

A successful Digital Marketer thinks out of the box and is always up for challenges. Training yourself out of your comfort zone helps you manage uncomfortable situations. Only the marketers who can produce results in challenging situations can land and retain high-paying clients.

  • Be a student for life

Digital Marketing is experiential in learning. You apply what you learn and only with the results, you know if it works.

Make sure you are up to date with the latest digital marketing trends and news, make this a habit so that you are ahead of the competition and confident while discussing things with your clients.

  • Personal Branding

Who are you?

What do you do?

Why should anyone work with you?

You don’t just need to have a presence online but you also need to constantly answer these questions. You can talk about your views, ideas, achievements and help people. This builds your identity and people might consider working with you.

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  • Solve their problems

Your knowledge is of no worth if you can’t help a client or a business. Identifying prospects who need your help, convincing them that you can help, and then actually helping them is what can make you a successful freelancer.

It may still sound like a daunting task for a beginner. I must say that it might not be easy but it is simple.

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Let us know your view in the comments and share with whoever needs to know.

All the best 🙂