4 Critical Components of a Successful Social Media Strategy

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Have you ever wondered, what’s that one single place where you could target all of your audience?

What do you think is the full proof plan to market your brand in front of the targeted audience? Billboards or advertisements? I’d say Social Media. Some would call it the Biggest Boon of the Era!

Looking at the numbers of all the adults with internet access, 71% are on social media and over 37% of consumers find purchase inspiration through social media channels. 

However, the problem is that social media marketing is often misunderstood as just posting relevant content on social media channels/pages. Here’s the thing. There’s a lot more to it that we as social media marketers don’t know about. 

To help you dig deeper and build a successful marketing strategy, we have combined the 4 stages of developing a social media strategy and made a PLAN for you.

P - Planning Basics

Planning before executing has always been considered as a smart move. Having knowledge of What and How can help you a lot while making strategies.

Find Your Targeted Audience - Every organisation has a certain vision behind the idea of the product that they want to convey. For example; If you provide internships to law students then your first priority will be targeting students pursuing law or having an interest in the aforesaid field. The law students here are your targeted audience.

Finding a targeted audience can depend on location, interest, age, availability of products, offers, etc.  Knowing the pain points of your targeted audience not only helps you in marketing the product but also increases the chance of an amazing lead

Deciding Preferable Social Media Platform -  After you decide which group you want to target, it’s time to figure out which social media platform you are going to use in order to reach them.

The platform can sometimes be audience-specific i.e. it might be possible that your targeted audience is more active on Instagram than Facebook or vice versa. You need to make sure that the marketing plan which kept you awake all night rocks on the right platform in front of the right audience.

L - Listening and Learning

Reviews/Feedbacks are the easiest way to analyse how well your product or idea is performing in the market amongst the audience. Whether you are noticing or not the targeted audience is giving you BIG HINTS.

They are sharing their positive/negative experiences about your product and are trying to tell you if they are liking it or not.

When you market socially, gaining the trust of your audience should be your utmost priority. Your customers should feel that you are genuinely working for them and you do care about their opinions. 

Some reviews will push your happiness meter to the top. However, the ones that don’t, answering to them will lead you to the path of everlasting success.

There will be some negative reviews that you don’t even want to read, but going out of your way and replying to them will make your customers feel ‘heard’ and will establish you as a responsible brand. You need to make sure that your customers should never feel unattended.

A - Adapting

Now that you have read the reviews, you have the exact idea where you need to step up your strategy. If you have been following carefully till now, you are almost halfway there. ALERT! Here comes the most crucial step, Adapting, and Implementing.

You should not only listen to your customer reviews but should also be aware of what customers are saying about your competitors.

Yes, you have to do a competitive analysis. Look for the x-factor of your competitors, where are they lacking, why are they different, what are their patterns of marketing, analyse the reviews given by customers to them, and plan accordingly. Don’t let history repeat itself. Work on your as well as your competitor’s weak points.

You always have to keep your eyes and ears open for the newest trends and opportunities.   Because just like time and tide, successful marketing opportunities wait for none.  

N - Networking

The mere aim of social media is networking and social media marketing is all about how well you establish your network. No matter if your business is small or large, you are starting now or you have already established your business years ago, creating a network plays an equally important role for all. 

Now that you have registered your presence on social media, your next step should be posting the kind of content with which your customers can relate. That includes content related to the events happening around the world, promotional campaigns, or anything evergreen which has generated great leads for you in the past and can keep your customers engaged with your organisation. 

The more you care about their interests, the more loyal customers you will get. Remember, the number of loyal customers, customer satisfaction, and your sales goes hand in hand.

These four stages are the checkpoints of a successful social media marketing journey. These will not only help you in gaining customer’s attention online but will also help in generating leads from them.

Remember the journey of marketing is never a smooth slope, there will be pitfalls and sudden curves. 

There is no policy for getting successful in a short time, you need to be patient and have to make sure you are not rushing by any step. Use these steps according to your organization's needs, then lead, engage with, and sell your products like a pro.

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