7 Signs That You Should Be Worried About Your Personal Branding

A research by LinkedIn says that 92% of people trust an influencer more than brands. and we can see that clearly, isn’t it?

There is such hype around “Personal Branding “ that it always leaves you wondering if you are not doing it enough, or simply overdoing it. Should you be more careful or patient or you need to do a thing about it immediately etc. Such doubts can be overwhelming and leave you confused and stressed. So, I decided to pinpoint the signs that you should be worried about your Personal Branding.

1. Lack of Clear Objectives

You need to have clear objectives to achieve them.

  • Are you trying to build a brand before you launch your start-up? 
  • Is it a dream job that you are trying to attract? 
  • Do you want to be a highly paid freelancer and want to connect with your target audience? 

A clear objective makes it easier to identify your target audience and plan your content. If your only objective is increasing the number of followers and building an “online presence”. It is not going to be worth all the effort.

2. Lack of Consistency

Be it a personal blog, or YouTube, or Instagram, the time and effort it takes to create content are too much and it is a given that at times you might not be able to deliver but make sure you come back. You must plan your content well ahead of time. You have the technology to the rescue, you can use apps to plan and schedule your content. Lack of consistency can disinterest your followers, you might end up losing credibility and disappointing them. It can be difficult, I feel you but remember that if you are going to disappear, your fans and followers are going to disappear too.

3. Lack of Authenticity

You must create your voice and your content. Sharing other’s content won’t take you far. Also, be your true and honest self, it is quite hard work to fake a different personality and it is not even worth it. Moreover, chances are high that your followers will be able to see through it.

4. Not standing out

No matter what you do, other people are doing it too. But having said that, there must be something that makes you different and special. It could be your journey, your approach, your attitude, or simply your style. Make sure you do not get lost in the crowd of influencers and attract your tribe.

5. Too many Controversies

Haters gonna hate, right? But if you are attracting a lot of controversies and a lot of negative comments. You need to stop and rethink your strategy unless it is your objective to create controversies. Remember, it does not help a brand in a long run.

Here is how you can avoid controversies

  1.  Do not post impulsively
    I can give you examples of promising brands that suffered irreversible damage because they acted out of impulse. So stick to your objectives, calendars and avoid impulsive posts.
    Do read the blog on Read 5 social media mistakes to avoid
  2. Avoid divisive topics
    As simple as that! unless it is something that you really believe in and want to stand for. For example, a brand standing for the rights of the LGBT community is always welcome but if you are warmongering or spreading hate ( no matter what your reasons are)it is not welcomed at all. Stay clear of things like warmongering, inciting hate, fear, and avoid being condescending to others.

6. Overselling yourself

If you claim that you are the best in the world or unparalleled in the history of your business. You are simply overselling yourself!
If you really are the best, you will have others saying that for you. Also, make sure you do not sound self-obsessed or come across as a narcissist. A little humility will take you far.

You earn your right to claim expertise after a long time of sharing experiences, tips, and adding value to your followers. However, remember that your expertise is perceived by what you have shared with them. If you have all been about Advertising and suddenly start selling your expertise on “Start-Ups”, expect some resistance, and better still, try to earn that “expertise” first.

7. Shady Practices

I saved this for the last so that you do not forget about this If you are doing any of the following. You need to stop!

  • Copying Content – if you really like something, you can share their content. But copying them as posting them as your own is wrong on many levels. Firstly it is not ethical. Secondly, it does not serve the purpose. Thirdly, people get to know when you do that. Lastly, if you are really unlucky, you might end up in legal trouble.
  • Getting Fake followers and paid likes – Trust me, it does not work on any of the platforms. For one simple reason, all these platforms want them clean and they clean these profiles regularly. Also, their algorithm is built in such a way that if you have fake followers, it will affect your reach and engagement as the fake profiles do not engage. In short, it is just not worth it.
  • Disregarding others – Why I included this in Shady practices? just so that I can stress enough on it that if you are disregarding, discrediting, and making fun of people. It is not considered healthy and all you might get is backlash, negativity and if you are extremely lucky, your account might get banned too.

Was that helpful?
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