How To Choose The Right Digital Marketing Course?

how to choose right digital marketing course

Digital marketing is a big hype and with lots of gurus claiming to teach the skills, it is not easy for you to know which is actually going to be beneficial to you. 

Let’s face it! The whole purpose you are even going to do a digital marketing course is because you can learn and monetize it. Will it serve any purpose to just do the course, learn some basic stuff and not make any use of it?

It disheartens me when I interview people who say that they have spent a lot of money on studying a digital marketing course which taught them the basics of everything. In this competitive world, if you cannot convince a prospect or a job interviewer that you possess the skill required to excel in the job, you will not even be able to land an internship, forget about a job.

So now here comes the big question. Which is the right digital marketing course for you? 

Before you decide to invest your time and money in a digital marketing course, ask yourself these 3 questions.

Q1. What will you get after completing the course?

This is the most obvious and the most important question one should ask oneself while purchasing any course. Ask yourself this question:

What specific skills are you going to master in this course?

What change can you possibly experience after the course?

Are you going to be a jack of all trades and master of none (spoiler alert - this could be a dangerous thing to do)?

The course you take must teach you a specific subject and it should give you a roadmap of how your life could look like after you have completed it. For example, in our Become a Digipreneur Course, we teach the skills required for you to become a 6 figure earning Freelancer.

Q2. What skills are you going to learn and are they valued in the market?

This question is pretty self-explanatory. If you do a digital marketing course and they focus mainly on “how to create a website”, I am afraid but that skill wouldn’t make you a high paying professional anytime soon.


Because that skill is something anyone can learn with a bit of skills and for many businesses, a simple website solves their purpose. With various website builder tools out there in the market, now it requires no technical skills in order to create a website.

Similarly, if you learn any of the paid advertising such as Facebook Ads or YouTube ads, that is in high demand in the market. Businesses are ready to pay premium prices, if you can get results for them. 

So, ask yourself, Is the skills that you are learning in the digital marketing course really valued?

Digital marketing is an ever-changing industry and the skills and concepts can become irrelevant quickly. So, it becomes absolutely important to ensure that your preferred course equips you with the latest skills and concepts.

It would be an absolute waste of time if you finish your course only to realize that newly acquired knowledge is as relevant as a floppy disk in 2020.

Q3. Does it teach about a particular skill in Digital marketing or does it teach a little about every skill in Digital marketing?

The third question discusses the specificity of the particular course. Does it make you the jack of all trades and master of none or the other way round? 

If you are a generalist who knows bits and pieces of many skills but you aren’t really amazing at any given skill, this will not work in the long run. Why? 

When businesses work with freelancers, they are looking for someone who can get results. If you are not a specialist in a particular skill, it would become increasingly difficult for you to get them the results they are looking for.

I think by now it is pretty much clear that in the end it boils down to you and your needs or preferences.

We know that this blog was all about choosing the right digital marketing course. We want to stress on the fact that you need to be extremely dedicated towards your craft in order to reach the top 1%. 

In our “Become a Digipreneur” course, we teach people a roadmap to master the skills that’s in demand. Not just that, we even teach you how to land premium high paying clients. Come and check out the course.