The Number 1 Reason Your Ads Are Not Working

Are your ads not working as well as you expected them to? Have you tried all types of tests and still fail to see what the problem is?

One of the biggest reasons many ads don’t work isn’t the ads or the marketing campaign at all!

It’s the offer that you are giving with the ad.

You can have the best visuals and copy. You can have the most meticulously designed targeting plan.

You can also do 20 different types of tests to make sure your ad is appealing.

NONE of it will matter if what you are offering is not good enough.

Mind you, when we talk about offers, we are not talking about heavy discounts and freebies.

An offer is the way you frame your product or service, which enables the prospects to get a hope that your solution can get them to their desired point.

An irresistible offer is an offer where the value people receive far outweighs the price they’re paying for it. It should be so that when your prospects see the offer, they say to themselves “Wow man, this is going to be a life-changer for me and getting this is an absolute no-brainer”.

Create an offer that would not have to think twice about and you will surely have yourself a deal.

Keep in mind that a mediocre ad with an irresistible offer will work better than an excellent ad with a bad offer.

Think about it, which of these offers is more interesting to you?

99% chances are it is offer B.

Offer B speaks about the transformation the product will bring about in your life and you are more intrigued by the end result of you using the product because it gives you a glimpse of what your life could be.

But will this alone make your ad work?

Of course not. The journey to crafting an irresistible offer goes beyond just the advertisement. You have to also craft the offer on the landing page your ad will lead your audience to.

Let’s break this down further.

There are 3 core elements that will help you make an offer that will surely be a no brainer:

The Promise:

Who are you targeting with your product/ service? What problems are you promising to solve for them?

What will their life look like once they come on board with you? Ask yourself, “ I add ___________ value to your business or life, in exchange of _____.” Fill the blanks according to the client or the business you are working for. 

The Promise is a very big and important part of your actual offer because it shows your audience what you are going to do for them and how you can change their lives. 

For example, “Say hello to ‘Me-Time’ with the help of the all-new Magic Chopper. It cuts your Cooking Prep Time in half and gives you more time for yourself!”

You have highlighted the problem that Cooking Preparations can often take too long and not leave you any time for yourself. And, you have made the promise that your product will allow its users to save time during their cooking preparation.

The Process

How will your product or service guide them to the desired end result?

The second element is The process that answers the questions “How will you get there?’

You have already made a promise to your audience, the next step is to inform them about how you help them get to their desired end result with your product or service. Continuing the previous example, but how will your product prove what it claims? 

“The Magic Chopper is a smart Chopper with various settings that will minimize the time you spend chopping vegetables. Slicing, Dicing or Fine Chopping, The Magic Chopper can do it all in just a few minutes!”

The second stage is meant to inform your audience about the process with which you will achieve the results you have promised.

The Price

How much will they have to pay? Make sure the results are more than worth the money.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

The third and the second most important part of your offer is the Price of your product or service. At the end of the day, you have to make sure that you put a price tag on whatever you are selling so that it becomes truly like a ‘no brainer’ for your audience. 

For example, “The Magic Chopper, Now for only $49! Offer Valid only till stocks last”.

See what we did there? Who wouldn’t want to spend less than 50 bucks if it helps them save hours of their day? 

But, keep in mind that the price you quote should be fair for your service or product and you must live up to your promises and make it worthwhile for your audience. 

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