Is Freelancing Too Competitive?

Perks of being a freelancer

A successful freelancing career has a plethora of perks to offer ranging from time and location independence, flexibility, ability to make more than your regular 9-6, and so on. However, all of these factors do not seem to be attractive enough to individuals with limiting beliefs. 

One of the common beliefs, myth or not,  that stops most people from starting their freelance journey is that that freelancing is too competitive. Sounds familiar? It might be one of the reasons why you are hesitating to shift your efforts to freelancing and it’s quite common.

Is this fear actually valid?

Let me be brutally honest -freelancing is competitive.

But, do you know what else is?

Getting into a college? Is also competitive.

Finding a job? Is also competitive.

Getting a raise? Is also competitive.

Like the viral reel, everything is hard but the good thing is you can actually decide your kind of hard.

Would you rather be stressed about the politics in your corporate office or be stressed about the invoices that need your attention? Would you rather be stuck with a 9-5 and the same paycheck that does not increase or master a skill and charge your worth?

So many disgruntled corporate employees are now quitting their jobs to actively pursue freelancing. So many students are freelancing on the side with school and university. 

You have to pick your own battles and pick them wisely!

Rise Of Freelancers & Freelancing

Globally, we are all progressing towards the gig economy hence the number of freelancers is bound to keep increasing every day. This is for the best as it adds room for more freelancers to be employed.

An article released by Upwork states that freelancers are set to become the majority workforce in less than a decade. Added to this, many millennials are actively choosing to freelance over any other conventional job opportunity.

There are so many freelancers out there who have found success and liberation in their freelance journey as the independence it offers is incomparable to a traditional job.

Beating the competition in the freelance world

It Is easy to land premium high-paying clients, once you set yourself apart from the sea of freelancers and own your skills Here are a few points on how you can achieve that easily.

Pick your skill strategically and master it.

There is an endless list of services that you can offer as a freelancer ranging from graphic designing, writing, marketing, and so on. However, before you go ahead with any skill you need to research and learn a few things about the skill.

Firstly consider how big of a problem your skills solve- the bigger the problem the better because you will be adding immense value and this will help in charging your worth.

Secondly, know if the skill is actually in demand. There is no use in possessing a skill that no one actually needs help with. So make sure to do your market research.

Niche Down

This is the most spoken about but also the most avoided in practice. Picking a niche is crucial as it sets a successful freelancer apart from the rest. You need to be niche down and get clear on who you serve and how.

For example, instead of being just a copywriter, try positioning yourself as a copywriter who helps entrepreneurs nail their messaging on their course offers.

It is a common misconception that this limits the number of people you can help. Instead, it opens up the potential to work with clients that are the best fit for you.

Keep Upskilling

If you are someone who hates learning and dreads polishing your skills then sorry to say, but freelancing is not for you. Freelancing requires you to learn new things and to upskill regularly so you keep up with the latest trends and stay miles ahead of your competitors.

Reading books to do with your skills, taking up courses, mentorships and coaching will keep you in the game and will help you in thriving as a freelancer.

Land Clients Strategically

Do not learn the skills and sit waiting for clients to fall on your lap like apples from a tree. That is just not going to happen. You need to get out of your comfort zone and implement strategies that will attract your ideal clients and will sustain your freelance journey in the longer run.

Remember- freelancing is not a convenient option to substitute your 9-6 with. It requires equal hard-work and dedication but the best thing about it is- you can do what you’re good at, offer services you naturally enjoy, and get paid for it. That is what makes freelancing a happy experience.

All in all here are the things you need to become a successful freelancer: a skill that is in demand, willingness to learn, a mentor to guide you, and strategic ways to land clients.

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