Case Study: How we helped our Client go from Negative ROAS to 3x ROAS

Everyone hopes to see positive returns on their advertising spend. It was no exception with a client of ours, who had a yoga course for €797. 

He tried everything under the sun and he kept losing money months after month. In an effort to make more people buy, he kept reducing the price until he reached a point where he started seeing massive negative returns on his ad spend.

We started working with him and in 2 months of working with him, we went from a negative ROAS to a 3x ROAS. Let’s dive right in and talk about how we achieved this result in just 2 months.

Analysis and Identifying the Problem

When I started working with him, he was spending 3 thousand euros on running ads and he was running into a negative return on ad spend.

The very first thing I checked was his funnel or the customer journey lifecycle and the advertising strategy and the sales page did not look right to me.

He was sending traffic from Facebook ads directly to this broken landing page and people were not converting

Here are the challenges he was facing when we started:

  • The cost per Acquisition was too high
  • CPC was very high
  • The cost per Add to Cart was high 
  • They were running the ad to the wrong audience and persona
  • The sales page looked terrible - visually and in terms of usability

How We Went About Reducing the Cost

As a standard practice, whenever we start working with a new client, we always do the customer persona first

That’s the #1 step before we do anything else. When we did his customer persona based on the stats we saw on his Facebook ads, his buyers’ age was 25 - 45 and he was running ads for the age 25 - 65. 

Since his course was in French, he was running ads in French-speaking countries such as France, Canada, Switzerland etc.

Within 72 hours of working together, the cost per add to cart came from €46 to €22

We found that due to poor strategy, he was literally just wasting his money

Based on the customer persona we did, we made changes to the campaign and immediately the cost per add to cart dropped by over 50%.

Mind you, when we reduce the cost per add to cart, it also impacts the other metrics such as cost per purchase.

How We Designed His Funnel

After the initial step where he was literally leaking his month, now it was time to fix the funnel. We found he had just 1 sales page built in Shopify and the client agreed with me that the page looked terrible. He knew we had to do it better.

Here are the things we did to improve the whole customer experience:

  1. We re-wrote the sales page keeping in mind the transformation his course can bring to people’s lives. It is a Yoga course in French, it teaches people how to become a yoga teacher and make an earning while making a positive impact on other’s life. He was missing to communicate that, which resulted in poor results.
  2. We redesigned the page in ClickFunnels and now we no longer just have 1 page for all ads. We have 1 page for the top of the funnel and another page for the bottom of the funnel.
  3. We implemented the exit-intent pop-up.
  4. We made a single click checkout, which made the checkout experience simple and user-friendly.
  5. We improved the offer overall so we made it a no-brainer for the bottom of the funnel people. 

Want to know how to improve your offer, read this “The Number 1 Reason Your Ads Are Not Working”.

The biggest problem why they were not able to get the ads to work was their offer. Their Offer was not able to guide their prospects through the different stages of the Customer Value Journey Seamlessly, nor did it cover the basic principles of creating a killer offer for your customers.

If you don’t know about the 8- Stages for the Customer Value Journey, check out our free video course where we will take you through each of these 8 stages in detail.

We highlighted the transformation that they can experience and how the course will benefit them.

We described the 5 step process that will help them achieve their desired results.

We described the benefits of the course and defined a very clear target audience to help onboard the relevant people and make them realize their need for the course.

We added payment plans with visible benefits for the convenience of the audience and sign up options across the page so that they don’t have to go all the way to the bottom of the page.

We also minimized the risk visibly for the prospects by highlighting the 15 days refund policy.

We took their best testimonies, the most attention-grabbing ones and used that on the sales page. 

On the checkout page, we added the testimonies and the 14 days refund policies, which reassured the buyers that they are protected by the refund policy.

The Results:

After doing all of this, obviously, we got spectacular results for our clients. Within a matter of 2 months, the clients started getting 3x Returns on Ad Spends.

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