How To Write a Perfect Ad Copy

Your Ad copy drives your Ads and your Ads drive your business. Brimming with ideas for the Ad copy or simply struggling, you always wonder about the “Perfect Ad Copy”. Isn’t it? and this is why we decided to put it out here in a simple, easy to understand listicle.

  • Convincing Headline: It is a “make or break". Most of the traffic which comes to your advertisement will click on your ad if the headline is catchy. Make sure to write a headline which will attract the attention of the visitors. You can ask a question or add a statistic or anything else that works. The objective is quite clear, to hook your audience.
  • Providing A Solution: When talking about a product or service, make sure you are talking about benefits and not features. A visitor will look into your ad only when you are solving his /her problem. Through your ad copy you have to convince the customer that the solution to their problem is provided by you. Your ad copy should always relate to the customer query or the product advertised.
  • Keywords: Whenever customers are posting a query, they use specific keywords for their problem. While writing an ad copy keyword plays an important role in conveying the message of the ad. Broad keywords cater to a wider audience and exact match keywords bring in relevant traffic according to the customer persona. Make sure you have a mixture of both types of keywords to write a compelling ad copy.
  • Sense of humour:  A good sense of humour is non-negotiable, isn’t it? and It is officially the era of memes and jokes. Adding a funny element to your ad copy will leverage your product and it will stand out different than others. Good humour will be always appreciated  by the audience and drive them towards the Call to action.
  • Value Addition: The ad copy should always be positioned in such a way that it relates to relevant audience. Getting clicks is good but clicks that can convert to sales should be the goal. The ad copy should address the queries asked by the customer online. You can research what kind of questions customer are asking and customize your ad copy accordingly.
  • A/B Testing:  A/B testing is when you create two versions of your ad copy and test it to check which can bring in more clicks. You can use different combination of keywords or create two  or more different headlines of same ad copy to check. It is recommended you A/B test your copy across headlines, keywords etc and choose the best performing one. 
  • Emotional Triggers: If the audience can relate to the emotions attached to the product, chances of getting qualified clicks are higher. Ad copy should contain keywords which connects to the hearts of the audience.
  • Statistics and Numbers:  Statistics and Numbers attract attention, make sure the stats and numbers are clear to understand and decipher. Don’t overstuff the copy with numbers as it might negate the effect of the ad.
  • FOMO: You must have heard about this word earlier. FOMO is fear of missing out. Fear of missing anything has always been a trigger for human beings. Using words which incites FOMO will psychologically play with audience mind and  tempt them to click on your ad. If you run a time limited ad copy, chances of conversion are higher as audience doesn’t want to miss out on anything.
  • Clear CTA:  Having a clear CTA is a must, the perfect choice of CTA depends on the offer. If you are running a product sale, “Shop Now” , “Learn More” or “Contact us” depending on the buyer’s value journey. CTA ‘s more than anything should be clear and non-conflicting. Can you be creative with your CTA?
    Sure, yes! 

A lot of things go into making your Ad and your Ad campaign work! That includes targeting, clear objectives, strategizing and of course the creative. You will discover countless hacks to write awesome copies but remember you not to forget the golden rules of advertising or ignore the Facebook guidelines as this could get your ad rejected.

Writing a perfect copy is both an art and a science. While you can get as creative as you want, at times a simple statistic that hits hard can do wonders! 

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What works the best for you? Let us know in comments…