How to Increase Enrolments for Your Educational Organisation

  • Mintu Jha 

Are you getting beaten with prospects of increasing enrolments for your institute? Most educational institutions grapple with the challenge of getting continuous enrolments. It is getting more and more competitive. 

Let’s say, you have got the infrastructure, staff lined up and strategy in place to help students. Slowly and steadily, you are functioning and making money and you want to take the leap forward and expand. So how do you do that?

 For expansion, the most important thing is getting student enrolments. Student enrolments help in the overall development of the organization. They increase your profitability, build a reputation and your expansion dream is fulfilled. But most of the schools struggle with bringing in enrolments. They are experts in education but marketing is difficult for them.

There are numerous challenges that  institutes are dealing with issues of enrolment. Some of them are

  • Increased competition
  • Competition from the online medium of education
  • Incorrect targeting
  • Heavily relying on traditional methods of marketing
  • Increased number of franchises options

So how to overcome the challenge?

Let us understand first, what doesn’t work ?

Marketing for education organization

Digital Marketing is still a foreign concept for most educational institutes. Some time back one of the big school franchises in Kolkata wanted to open up a branch. To bring in enrolments they focussed on the door-to-door method of advertising. They had sales executives who went door to door talking about their brand and asking for enrolments. They  distributed  brochures  and asked for contact details. They obviously didn’t get the number of enrolments they had anticipated.

Newspaper advertising

Most educational institutes still believe in advertising in print media. They target national newspapers like the Times of India or major regional newspapers. On an  average, a  one front full-page advertisement in TOI costs around 50 lacs. It also depends upon the day of advertising. If you are advertising on weekends it’s even more expensive.  If you go for regional newspapers again for a half-page ad it will cost you 1 lakh or more according to the day advertised.

In terms of leads generated through print advertising, the number of leads is quite less than the investment. In my experience , on an average ,out of those leads, the conversion ratio is around 2 out of 100 leads.

Spending more than a lakh for 2 students is not a profitable deal, isn’t it?

You spend lakhs of money and you get nothing out of it. In the current time of digital advancement, it is not recommended to invest in traditional methods of marketing.  The whole audience is on the online platform so we have to show the presence online to attract enrolments

So how do we do it?

With defined goals and a proper strategy of online advertising, we can bring in student enrolments with an optimized budget.

Student Influx Program

This program deals with bringing in an increased number of student enrolments through online advertising where we segment the right audience, retarget them and bring in leads that converted to sales.

Setting Up Goals

The end goal is increased enrolments so the following goals have to be set up

  • Identifying the right segment of the audience
  • Building customer persona and lookalike audiences
  • Increased online presence of the organization
  • Bringing down the cost of advertising
  • Bringing in quality leads
  • Monitoring the competitors

Once the client allocates the budget we start with

  • Identifying the relevant audience
  • Creation of ad set based on customer persona
  • Creation of ads and targeting the segmented audience

Once the leads are generated, Pre-qualifying is important because it helps in identifying relevant leads which will convert. Follow up is also important as sometimes the leads take some persuasion to convert

Retargeting the Audience

Most of the audience don’t convert  through  the ads in the first attempt. In print advertising, people see the ads and forget about them. In online advertising, we have retargeting ads  which targets the people who have already  interacted with the ad. These are people who might need some persuasion to convert. 90% of the time retargeting helps in bringing quality leads.  We can retarget people who visited our landing page with a persuasive CTA that can help in decision making.

Guaranteed Results

We have worked with big educational institutions and with the help of our student influx program, we have facilitated increased students’ enrolments. We had worked with a nursing college in Kolkata where through our strategy of online advertising we were able to bring in 1209 leads in the first month. Out of those leads we were able to enrol 37 students in the first month itself.

Does it sound simple? Yes, it is!!

Through our meticulous research and effective strategies, we were able to achieve the targets and bring down the cost of advertising  drastically compared to  other marketing methods.

 If you are an educational institute struggling with the same challenges ,and believe in the need o leverage  the power of online advertising and through a holistic approach will help you in achieving unreal numbers in student enrolments.  

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