How to Create Your All Star-Rated LinkedIn Profile for Freelancing

Did you know LinkedIn could be a great source of client acquisition for freelancers? For the last 12 months, it has been our #1 client-generating platform. Not only that, the clients we acquire in our agency from LinkedIn, tend to stay for longer than clients generated from other platforms. 

With that, imagine if you could know how you can use the same tactics to land high-paying freelancing clients.

The first and foremost thing is, you need A Start-Rated LinkedIn profile

With almost 740 million people, LinkedIn is one of the topmost social media platforms, where you can connect with decision-making professionals from all over the world. 

It can also be a gold mine for freelancers. Just think for a second, every company has a presence on LinkedIn, whether it is a startup or a billion-dollar company.

A well-polished LinkedIn profile can make you stand out from the crowd and get found by your ideal client. Even if you are not approaching them through LinkedIn they are watching you, so it is a must for you to have a star-rated Linkedin Profile.

For a star rated profile (a concept invented by Linkedin to show the strength of your profile), you should follow few things as below:

You Must Use Your Real Name

As Linkedin is a professional network platform it is a must that you use your real name and not the name your parents call you with. As by this name you are going to receive emails and messages from your client, and I am sure you don’t want them to call you by your pet name, and it also builds trust and adds credibility as it the first thing anybody going to read about you. 

Use a good profile picture

Never ever use any random picture or any avatar as your profile picture as it is a professional platform you should use a good high-quality picture. If you don’t use any picture people will literally think that you are spamming them and won’t even accept your request. 

Even when it comes to me I decline all the requests from those who don’t have a professional profile picture.

Write a catchy headline

After a good profile picture, the first thing people are going to read is your headline. The headline is going to be a slogan about you and your work. Many people just add their designation as headlines despite LinkedIn have provided 120 characters. You should write about your work, industry and what are you actually good at. It helps the reader to stick and read further about you.

Keywords can also be added as it helps search engines to display your name higher.

An ideal headline can be like this:- 

Have a strong summary section

The summary section should be filled with detailed information about what you do,how you do, your experience, and what you have achieved in the last few years. You should write about yourself and not your company as it’s your profile.

Remember if somebody is clicking on your profile then they must want to know about you in detail. It can be written in paragraph form, and the writing language should be professional.

For example:-

Add a featured post 

In Linkedin, you can add your blog link, youtube channel link, the articles you have written, or anything which you want people to see as your work. So you have evidence of work you have done consider uploading it as it increases the credibility of your profile.

Share your work experience

If your headline and summary are interesting people will definitely scroll down to check your work experiences. You should add your past work experiences but remember don’t just write your designation and period it should have detailed information about your role in the company. Make sure you add relevant experience to your freelancing work others you can just remove. Keep the section as professional as possible as it will add more credibility to your profile. You can also add education details and certifications you have done related to your business.

Ask for Endorsements and Recommendations

Once you add your top skills you can connect with the people you have worked with or your old clients and ask for endorsements and recommendations it shows that you have worked for other clients and they are appreciating your work. It helps people trust you and adds credibility to your profile. Even if there is a lot of competition in your industry recommendations can help you more and more work.

Add few connections

In starting you can add people whom you have worked with in past, once you have few connections people will also come and try to connect with you.

Share posts

Like any other platform, you can share your views interests on LinkedIn, but wait does not share your last holiday pictures here. Instead of that, you can share your views of the current situation about your industry or a story about your experience with a client or something knowledgeable. Publishing a post helps you keep connected to your connections and increase the credibility of your profile 

And don’t forget to keep it REAL!

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