How To Choose A Perfect Call To Action

Your Call to Action decides if you lose a potential customer or find a new one!

How do you decide on your CTA though? A CTA is a word, phrase or a sentence that asks your viewers to take a specific action. Sometimes it is also the final action to do a conversion or a sale. To choose the right CTA you have to understand two things. Psychology of the customer and context of the AD.

The Psychology of the customer is a key to choosing the best possible CTA. We need to understand the kind of interest the customer has in the product or service. Is the prospect aware? ( aware, problem aware, solution aware, product aware, most aware) depending on the awareness and the stage of customer value journey. You should have a CTA that helps your prospect make a decision. An appropriate CTA will ensure more qualified buyers and conversions.

What is the Ad about? If the Ad is talking about discounts, a “Learn More” would not really help. You would use “Buy Now” or something that is more decisive.

If you aim to create awareness for an unaware audience, “Buy Now” would not be fruitful either.

If the context of the ad and the CTA do not match, it will result in fewer clicks and conversion.

CTA is always connected with the goals aligned to the customer. If we go through the marketing funnel CTA varies according to the stages of the funnel. If the customers are in the top of the funnel the CTA would be to engaging the customer. If they are in middle of the funnel CTA should be positioned to convert and if they are in bottom of the funnel CTA should be positioned to ask a customer for a recommendation or a testimonial.

Following are some of the tips which can help in choosing the right CTA for your AD.

  • A Clear CTA: The very first golden rule is to have a convincing CTA. CTA like “read more”, “next” are vague. You need to have a deciding CTA like “subscribe”, “Click here” so that the audience knows what to do next. It will give them a clear idea of what are they being led to in the AD.
  • Emotion or Action Keywords: Emotion triggering keywords always helps in bringing the audience. If your CTA includes the keywords that matches with the words that customers use in their queries  , it would bring in more clicks. If the audience is searching for a certain keyword and your CTA leads to that helps to garner more attention.
  • CTA as Benefit: CTA should always help the customer in making a decision. It is always good to have a benefit feature in form of CTA in your AD. CTA like “free upgrade” or “free trial” always helps in deciding for the audience.
  • Design your CTA: Your Call to Action must stand out. Here are few things that you can do to ensure the same.

  1. Use white space effectively so the button appears distinctively.
  2. Use Contrasting Colours.
  3. The size of the button should be big enough to click but not too big as that would overwhelm the entire page.
  4. Optimize the CTA button for Mobile.

  • Test your CTA: Yes, you A/B test your CTA’s too . You can experiment with different button colours, size, text ,CTA placement and designs. It’s best to actually test it out and then go ahead with the best performing one .

Apart from understanding the psychology of the customer we need to address two more concepts.

Why is the customer clicking on the CTA?


What will the customer get after clicking on the CTA? 

When we think about why a customer is clicking on the CTA, we need to understand we have to give them the solution to their problem. So, whatever they are looking for should be addressed by the CTA. If the audience is looking for information, we need them to give an option of knowing more like “Learn More”. In this case, we cannot have a transactional CTA.

Similarly, when the customer is keen on a transaction, we have to provide a CTA which will convert. For example, if the customer is interested in the subscription of the newsletter, we better use a CTA like  “free 7 day trial” so that customer will have a choice. But if the customer is looking to buy something we should  give them a CTA like “Buy now” so that transaction is done.

When we think about what will the customer get after clicking on CTA, we need to send them to a relevant page. If the customer is keen on discounts and has clicked on “buy now” we cannot make them land on the home page or any other page than the payment page. Customers need to go exactly where they can find the solution to their query or where it makes them easier to make a decision. Sometimes the customer is confused about the decision, if we don’t send them to the relevant  page the customer might never come back.

Now that you appreciate the thought that goes behind choosing a CTA, here are a few tips to write or choose CTA’s that are proven to generate results.

All businesses are supposed to provide solutions for the customers. A perfect CTA should do the same, using the right CTA helps customers decide better and get solutions for themselves. A good CTA should always help and trigger decision making in customers.

However, CTA’s are just a part of an AD Copy . It doesn’t mean anything if the entire copy is not written well, Read on.

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