How To Ask Your Clients For Review

Did you know that around 93% of customers read online reviews before buying a product? 

If this data surprised you, I recommend you read till the end.

A review is feedback received from clients who have interacted with your business. The feedback can be for a purchase of a product, usage of a service or evaluation of an experience. These reviews are displayed on the website, social media platforms and review sites. Since the reviews come from people who have actually purchased a product or service, it is way more effective than vanity metrics that business usually take more seriously than they should.

Reviews help in ranking in Google and become the mode of communication between the business and customer. Negative reviews not only create a bad reputation but they also lose out on new leads.

Why are reviews so important?

Human psychology works that way! 91 % of people trust online reviews as much as personal reviews. While negative reviews can actually literally kill your business, let’s see what positive reviews can do for your business.

  • Higher search engine ranking: Good reviews help in the overall ranking of the business. The greater number of good reviews and mentions by the customer higher is the ranking on the search engine. Reviews also have to be recent so that the higher ranking is maintained.
  • Good conversion rates: Positive reviews creates trust for the customers. potential customers can easily convert if they see positive responses from existing customers.
  • Strong customer relationships: Reviews are a great way to stay connected with your customers. Through reviews, you can converse with the customer and maintain relationships.
  • Social media asset: Reviews can be helpful in social media strategy. Positive reviews can be used for successful social media campaigns. Through positive reviews, you can create a base of loyal customers which will help in bringing new customers.

Before we look into ways to ask for reviews, let us briefly know about the Type of Reviews : 

  • Feedback: These types of reviews can be asked after a successful transaction from a customer. You can attach a feedback form or ask the customer to participate in a survey.
  • Mention: This type of review generally comes from customers who are influencers and recognised by the masses. These reviews are specified in nature for a particular product or a service.
  • Testimonials: These reviews serve as examples for potential customers. existing customers narrate their experience of the usage of a product or service.

Cultivating Reviews is no more an option and you cannot be just wishing good  and dreading negative reviews. What can you do and how to go about it? Let’s find out ..

How to ask for a review 

Whenever you are approaching a customer for review make sure to keep these things in mind :

  • The approach for asking for the review should be straightforward.
  • Ask for reviews by directing them to review sights that are relevant to the business. Make the whole process hassle-free and user friendly.
  • Create a sidebar or a widget placed appropriately in the website where customers can submit their reviews.
  • Businesses can also ask for review via mail or text in which the CTA lands them to review space
  • Use graphical templates in the survey form which will attract the eyes of the customer. Make it mobile-friendly so it’s easy to use.
  • Businesses can also ask for reviews on their social media pages. These days customers prefer to give their feedback on Facebook or Instagram by mentioning the business name with feedback. This tactic also helps in online reputation.

Do’s and Don’ts while asking for Reviews 

  • Use a question as a subject line. Questions like “did you like the purchase”? or “what do you think of”? always catches attention.
  • Never use capital letters while asking for a review. This might scare the customer.
  • Politely ask them to mention the business name. it is one of the best ways to get Google reviews.
  • Once the customer gives positive feedback make sure to follow up. This makes the customer feel valued.

Customers either love you or want you to make changes. So both ways, if you ask for reviews, you are only helping yourself!

While negative reviews can help you fix yourself early and show up stronger in the competition. Excellent reviews gives you confidence and catapults your business.

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