How Can You Help Fill The Skill Gap in The Digital Marketing Industry

We are all aware of the fact that the very concept of marketing has evolved in the past few years. We have moved from street hoardings to banners on websites, from celebrities in advertisements to influencers on social media, from ads on TV to ads on YouTube, and from advertorials to blogs.

We live in the digital age, where with every passing day we move closer to the digital world. And, for obvious reasons companies need to advertise their products and services where people will actually see it!

Hence, the era of digital marketing began.

A study conducted by Digital Marketing Institute in the UK, USA, and Ireland shows that a major chunk of the employees tested for the research couldn’t even qualify for an entry-level skill set in Digital Marketing.

In fact, only 8% of the subjects were able to attain enough marks to qualify for entry-level competency. That is roughly 73 people out of the 908 test subjects.

Starting to get worried?

Where does the problem lie?

The problem areas lie in the fact that the seasoned professional is starting to find it difficult to keep up with the trends and the new marketing professionals who are stepping into the industry are still learning from the age-old syllabus which mainly focuses on traditional marketing.

As a result, the employees are not trained for the various tools required for Digital Marketing, nor do they possess the skills for it.

Are employees the only problem?

Of course not!

With organizations jumping into the online business bandwagon due to various factors like cash crunch, global pandemic, planning for the future, etc.

Marketers are genuinely starting to get worried about how relevant they will remain.

Their own estimations show that businesses will be forced to become more digitally focused if they want to survive in the coming years.

And, in spite of that, there is still an alarmingly high level of unwillingness on the part of the employees to embrace the digital because they feel that their organizations do not require them to do so urgently.

They believe that their companies are unable to provide them with sufficient training support to help them develop the required skills.

Is there a Solution?

There is always a solution!

The companies and the employees need to start investing in educating themselves on the existing skill gaps.

Buying expensive tools for digital marketing will just not do; as long as the employees are not trained to understand and use them properly; and the companies are not willing to provide them with this training.

If you have read down till this point, chances are that on some subconscious level you can relate. Somewhere, deep down you can identify the fact that there might be gaps in your organization or gaps in your own skillset.

What do you need to do?

First, you need to identify what are the main skills sets any Digital Marketer requires and then figure out if you possess them or not.

Don’t worry! We are still here to help you.

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What skills do you need the most?

Content Marketing

Content is the basis of Digital Marketing. 

As a digital marketer, you need to be able to understand how to develop different kinds of content

And how to make them more relevant for your audience as well as business. 

It doesn’t matter what type of content you promote; it has to be of the highest quality in order to achieve your end goals.

Facebook and YouTube Targeting

It doesn’t matter what demographic group you are targeting. 

Facebook and Youtube are two of the most commonly used platforms right now and no digital marketer can afford to not use these platforms.

They will allow you to achieve a lot more results with a much lesser amount of investment

These ads can help you move your prospects along the Customer Value Journey. 

They can assist in generating more Web Traffic, engagement, views and reach. 

They also allow you to run ads and promote yourself better than most other mediums. 

Facebook and YouTube are optimal platforms for attracting new customers and engaging with them. For businesses who are looking to get quick results (mind you, quick doesn’t mean easy. You can get great results very fast only when you put in that much time, money and effort) these are the platforms that will help you achieve your goal. 

For example, you are running a sales promotion, what will your course of action be for promoting yourself? Will you write a Blog? Or will you create eye-catching images and put them on all social media platforms at your disposal?

The obvious choice is Social Media because the audience is much more active there. You can reach millions of people in one go with your campaign. And that is why the results you get will also be better and faster.

Conversion Optimization

There are so many different ways to promote yourself or your business online. 

The best way to ensure optimal conversions is by aligning all your different activities towards the same goals. 

Start using all the different mediums at your disposal to promote yourself. 

Word of caution, make sure that you are using the message you give out across all platforms is also the same to achieve the best results.


Digital Marketing is a field vaster than the Sahara Desert. 

There is really no end to it and you have to be prepared to adapt yourself to the next thing. 

Don’t let yourself get too comfortable; it will make you redundant

You have to be willing to continuously learn new things

You need not become the master of all trades but you certainly need to be the Jack of them all.

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