5 Tips to Write High Converting Copy

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Are your marketing campaigns not converting as you expect them to be? Do you keep spending money on campaigns that do not bring qualified leads and sales and only get some tire kickers? Heck, you know how frustrating it can be. 

No matter what business or trade you are into, connecting with your audience at a deeper level must be your top priority. How do you do that?  With great copy that directly speaks to their pain point and gives them a hope that your product or service can help them get their desired state.

You must have heard people say, “Good Copy Sells”, and anyone who has run profitable marketing campaigns will agree to it.

How do I write a good copy you ask?

Here are 5 tips to make your copy more engaging and in turn boosting your conversion. You can thank me later.

#1 Listen To Your Customers

Let me tell you this. Very few people have the ability to listen patiently. And those who have it are successful. There are tons of ways you can go about this.

Have one-on-one conversations with people, conduct a survey and many more. Do what suits you best, but remember, the goal is to understand what your customer wants.

Let me share an example with you. Not so long ago I was working with a client who was running ads on losing weight. The cost per click was extremely high which was due to the fact that not many people were clicking on it.

We conducted a thorough survey and found that out of 138 people that took the survey, most of the folks used terms such as “fit in old jeans” and “using the old belt without putting extra holes.”

Keeping that in mind, we tweaked the copy a little bit. We replaced “Lose X pounds or kgs” to “fit in your old jeans in 90 days.” Guess what happens next? The rate of conversion skyrocketed thereby dramatically increasing his sales. This is the power of a good sales copy.

#2 Use These 6 Powerful Words And Phrases

Keywords must be given utmost importance in any copy.

Here are ‘7’ words you should consider integrating into your copy.

YOU: This particular word has the ability to change the entire tone of your copy. Yes, you heard it right. It is very effective in forging a deeper connection with your customers and this word will help you showcase your audience “What’s in it for them?”

SHOULD: The word ‘should’ also helps in building stronger connections. It portrays a sense of reliability, helpfulness and a bit of urgency as well. Next time you want to assert a point in your copy consider using this word.

STILL + ALREADY: These two words are subtle, yet pack a lot of power. These words or a combination of these words instils the fear of missing out in many people which urges them to click and convert. For ex: “What are you still waiting for?”. These words also help in building trust. For ex: “ Y no of people have already registered.”

HERE'S THE THING: Using phrases like “First thing first….”  Or “but the thing is…”  can be really helpful in imparting the importance of a point and really driving it home. Next time you want your audience to remember a particular point try using these phrases.

THE FACT IS or THIS IS THE FACT: The word ‘fact’ is itself enough to build trust and to some extent satisfaction. This also proves that your claims are backed evidence and data. Using this word also conveys that whatever is stated in your copy is the cold hard truth.

EVEN IF: Using this phrase or a variation of this is important if you want your customers to feel safe and secured. It helps them overcome objections in their mind and clear their doubts. For ex: “100% money back guarantee if you don’t like the product. No questions asked.”

See what I am talking about?

#3 Write in Language That your Audience Understands

If you have completed step 1 you know what your audience wants. This is the step where you tweak your copy to convey the same but keep in mind that it needs to be simple, understandable and impactful.

Time for another example. We have created a digital marketing course that teaches people the top marketing skills that will help them earn in six figures.

Here is the trick, in our messaging the key point we convey is that you can earn six figures by following a system that helps you land high paying clients. This connects and resonates with the audience. Avoid using industry jargon in your copy. Remember people take action on what makes sense to them. Using trending lingo might prove to be very useful here.

#4 Use Powerful Headlines

“On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar.” 

David Oglivy

Your headline is hands down the most important aspect of your entire copy. If they cannot connect with your headline, they are likely to click the dreaded X button and down goes everything. You wouldn’t that happening. Would you?

Here are 3 tips to write captivating headlines.

Specificity: Adding some facts and figures, statistical data to your headlines can be very rewarding. They will sound catchy, spark curiosity in your readers and give a sense of originality.

Use Action words: Words such as ‘required’, ‘get’, try, signup etc provokes the potential customer to take action. 

Last but not the least Emphasise the Transformation your product or service is promising.

#5 Remember the 4U’s 

The 4 U’s are like the superheroes of copywriting. Harness the power of these and your copy will go from zero to hero. 

Uniqueness: This is the key for a successful business. Your copy should also scream uniqueness. Make your value proposition absolutely clear. Believe it or not, sometimes quirky and one-of-a-kind headings do the magic normal headlines wouldn’t. They capture the audiences’ attention very quickly. If you want to make a powerful statement an unique headline oas the way to go.

Urgency: If you want them to take some kind of action adding some urgency may prove to be extremely helpful. But remember not to fake it.

For example: “Only 23 spots left” etc.

Useful: If you want to gradually increase your sales prove yourself useful to the customer. As stated earlier it should answer What’s in it for them? If you find something useful to him or her in your headline you can rest assured that he will read on and is most probably becoming a loyal customer.

Ultra specific: Including numbers or any kind of information which makes your headline specific to your blog or your niche increases your odds of winning your customer and keeping them hooked.

To conclude there are still many ways in which you can improve your copy but these are the easiest to apply and not to mention the most powerful also.

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