Do You Check Social Media First Thing In The Morning? Here Is Why You Should Not Do It!

social media first in the morning

Mark Manson famously said, “Cell phones are the new cigarettes

I guess he said it for simple reasons. It is addictive, distracting, causes stress, and is harmful. Starting your day with it makes it even worse. Are you among those who scroll Instagram feeds as soon as you wake up? A lot of us do that but it’s not okay.

Here is why

Reality vs Social Media 

It is not the same as reading the news, because it is mostly not true! 

Most of the “news updates” you follow online may be manipulative, bigoted, and probably just plain false.

If you are following your friend’s and acquaintance’s updates. It is just a part of life that they want to or try to show, you can never know their entire truth. The “influencers” you follow might be up to something shady as well. I am not asking you to a skeptic about everything and everybody, just trying to tell you that everything you find on social media is not real. Is it then worth starting your day with it?

It Confuses your Subconscious Mind

You have no control over what you are going to see first on your screen, whether it is news of demise or the birth of a baby, whether it will be inspiring or downright depressing. If this is what you do, first thing in the morning. You are exposing yourself to a whole lot of feelings and things you cannot control. If you are someone who is working towards a goal or has a strong purpose, your mornings should be about yourself. 

Won’t you agree that every morning is an opportunity for you to fix your lives and work on your dreams than checking on what everyone else is up to? 

I am all for social connectivity but mornings might not be the time. Morning calls you to wake up and show up in your own life!

Increased Distractions 

Goes without saying right? 

No matter what you do, you could do it better if you had fewer distractions. A report by business-standard says that people spend 32% of their time on social media during working hours. It is only advisable that you use social media more during your unproductive hours. It would be recreational, fun, and satisfying than distracting. Wasn’t it supposed to be like that, anyway?

Dopamine effects 

Dopamine is a kind of neurotransmitter. It works as a chemical messenger between your body and brain. It gives a feeling of pleasure after doing a certain activity. Ideally, it is after eating, exercise, sex, and successful social transactions. This is supposed to make you feel good after these activities so that you do them more often.

Now, if you get used to the dopamine effects of scrolling, you are likely to do that again and again. This might or should I say, will definitely increase your screen time. According to various studies, millennials spend about 5.7 hours per day on their mobile phones and an average person checks their smartphones 58 times a day.

Not very shocking right? the effects might shock you.

Higher Screen time can lead to obesity, insomnia, chronic neck and back problems, depression, and anxiety. Apart from physical and social stress, it can lead to impaired social skills, weaker cognitive skills, and lower self-esteem.

Staying away from your phone in the morning hours allows you to set goals and agenda for the day and you subconsciously set your priorities right. This could help you beat the temptation and focus on things that matter.

How to ditch this habit?

Here are a few tricks and tips!!

Gift Yourself an Alarm Clock 

Keep the smartphones away at night (we still do not know the truth about the radiations anyways, right?)

Waking up to an alarm clock will be different. You won’t start with checking your Instagram feeds or your WhatsApp chat groups.

Plan your days in advance 

 If you could plan your days – your agenda, your goals, etc the night before, it would help you to concentrate on your objectives without giving you the window to waste precious time.

Have an early morning routine 

Be it exercise, meditation, or even cooking yourself a healthy breakfast. Depending on what you like, your morning rituals will set a right start for the day and will stop you from wasting the early hours of your day.

After all,“Well begun is half done, isn’t it?”

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