Digital Marketing – A Skill With An Ever-Increasing Demand

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Needless to say, the need for skilled Digital Marketing professionals is on the rise! With the global pandemic hitting almost every sector hard, every business, regardless of what line of business they’re into, is forced to go online. The cash crunch has gotten so bad that even big companies have had to lay off their employees in the 100s. 

A survey by shows that 1 out of 10 people who are looking for jobs right now were laid off and 3 out of 10 people are worried that they might be laid off soon.

Here are some of the companies that lave laid off in 2020

BookMyShow had to let go of 270 people out of their 1450 people work force 

Indiabulls Group reportedly asked 2000 employees to resign 

Uber laid off 6700 employees globally

And many more…

However, with the increasing number of businesses going online, there is one profile that most companies have started and increased their hiring for! Can you guess which one?


Ever-Increased Demand of Digital Marketers

All companies are looking for skilled Digital Marketing Experts who can help their businesses grow in these difficult times. There has been an 87% increase in the usage of social media platforms as most of the people spend their time online. Businesses had to go online, if they wanted to survive.

The traditional marketing somewhere took a back seat and made way for the new era more focused on digital aspects. And with it, increased the demand for Digital Specialists who can help them achieve their goals.  

Did you know that Digital Marketing Professionals can make 6 figure salaries (obviously in Indian currency) even if they are just starting? 

Researches are showing that there are close to 2 Million digital jobs in 2020, however the number of qualified professionals for the jobs is much lower in comparison. 

A Marketing Hiring Trend Report from 2018 suggested that the demand for Digital Marketing professionals was at 59%, while the active supply of skilled professionals was at 19%. This has only increased in 2020. The report also suggested that one of the key factors that would entice professionals to switch jobs was a hike in their salaries.

Well, that’s just the law of Supply and Demand!

What is Digital Marketing?

So, are you starting to wonder what it is all about? First and foremost, it’s no hype! It is very close to traditional marketing, only with a few more perks. One of the biggest perks being measurability.



Imagine this. You spend 50k on a hoarding at the main road near the biggest mall in your city. You know this will grab a lot of eyeballs, but do you know exactly how many eyeballs? How many people actually committed your desired action after seeing the hoarding? 

No, right? There is no way to measure the actual effectiveness of the hoarding.

On the other hand, there are the advertisements we see on websites and social media channels. If you advertise on the online platforms, you can actually track not just the exact number of people who have seen your ad, but also track how effective it was by measuring how many people committed your desired action. Did they click on the ad and visit the website? Did they make a purchase? Did they drop their Email ID for you to reach them later? 

All of this can be tracked with Digital Marketing. 

So, obviously companies are looking for specialists who can help them drive growth in these difficult times. And with the recent budget cuts for organizations, they are looking to find someone skilled, who can actually deliver results.

How Can You Become a Digital Marketer?


Colleges don’t really cover every aspect of Digital Marketing. Since it is constantly evolving, therefore once you understand the basics, you need to constantly keep updating yourself on what’s happening in the industry.

Do you wonder how you can replace your corporate job (or no job, if you got laid off) with a more fulfilling career which pays well and still gives you all the freedom and flexibility? 

Marketing Lab’s Digital Marketing course "Become a Digipreneur" is geared towards teaching digital marketing to novice, who have no idea what this is all about. This is not rocket science, but it does require you to put in the work and you’ll reap the benefits.

Well, we do have a few tips and tricks of the trade that might help you out!

Few Things To Help You Get Started

#1 - Build your self-confidence

Don’t lose faith in yourself. Don’t compare yourself to others. Keep reminding yourself that you are capable of anything. You can get the job done. Be honest to yourself and your employers and don’t ever let go of a positive attitude.

Nail this and you will be successful at not just entering the industry but making sure you stick for a really long time.

#2 - Pick your own path

You need to figure out what it is you want to do in the first place. Among the vast options of Digital jobs out there, you need to figure out which one intrigues you the most? Do your research on the different jobs in the field and find out what you love doing. 

After all, you’ve got to love what you do!

#3 - Start learning

That’s the thing with Digital Marketing, you’re always learning. Once you figure out what type of jobs excite you the most, better start mastering the tools for it. 

There is something new coming up everyday and everyone is doing it so better put on your learning cap and get cracking.

#4 - Get your basics right

While learning the tools of the trade is obviously important. Don’t forget that the foundation is extremely important. Get your basics right and you will be set to evolve with whatever trend comes next. 

Not sure how to get your basics right though? Check out our Free Digital marketing course which teaches you how to start your journey to become a highly paid digital marketer.

#5 - Start Freelancing

Before you get into it full time, start building a portfolio for yourself with freelancing. This will help you stand out and also give you on paper proof of why you would be a better choice among other candidates. If you already have a job, a little side income never hurts anybody.

Excited to start your journey in the Digital World?

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