7 Things About Digital Marketing That Is Not True!

Digital Marketing has been making a lot of news and noise, while it has helped adaptive businesses to break the glass ceiling by increasing reach and decreasing advertising costs. It has also led to confusion among people who aren’t very well aware of the fundamentals or trends of Digital Marketing. While we are at it, let us call out 7 things that you might have heard about Digital Marketing that are not true!

#1 Small Businesses Do not Need Digital Marketing

Small companies need and use Digital Marketing to grow their business for the same reasons as bigger companies. Digital marketing is often cheaper than conventional or traditional mediums of marketing.

With recent trends in geofencing, geo-targeting, and local SEO, small businesses are all set to benefit even better from Digital Marketing.

# 2 Nobody Reads Blogs

Yes, Nobody decides and reads blogs like they watch a movie or Netflix, but don’t we all google things all the time?

There are 100% chances that your ideal customer is searching for tips, how-to guides, and reviews relevant to your business.

Besides, SEO or ranking on the first page should not be the only reason for your blogging. You should write blogs to showcase expertise, establish authority and add credibility and trust to your company. Social media has limitations while giving away information owing to different formats while blogs allow you to share in-depth knowledge and build a brand.

#3 One should target each and every platform

No doubt, all popular platforms have huge followers base but that does not mean that you should or have to use every platform to promote your business. The choice of the platforms you choose to be active on depends on your product/service, location, and your consumers. If you invest your efforts on all the platforms, you might end up disappointing yourself.

For example, if you are selling corporate services you should use LinkedIn and Twitter, if your customers are elderly people, you might want to avoid Instagram and Pinterest

#4 Email Marketing is not effective

This is the biggest lie.

A study says there will be 4.6 billion email accounts worldwide, almost more than accounts on social media.

Another study says that an average person checks his mails 15 times a day!

I think these points are enough to break the myth that people do not use emails.

And more importantly, according to an eMarketer study, the median email marketing ROI is 122%.

And that is 4 times higher than any other digital marketing channel.

#5 SEO does not work anymore

That is just not true. However, it will not work for you if you are using the old tactics. Those who are in the SEO business know that it is changing rapidly. Companies and marketers invest a lot of time, money, and effort for that first-page ranking. It is not easy. It takes consistent efforts over time.

#6 Digital Marketing can get quick results

Quick results is a relative term but you should not expect overnight success. It takes consistent efforts, hard work to work out the strategy you have planned.

Best practices focus on long-term results than temporary results. This means you must be ready to invest time and hard work if you want long-term results for your business.

#7 The more followers you have more money you will earn

This is the biggest misconception of digital marketing. However, it’s wrong, your followers do not decide how much money you will earn however, there are so many other factors.

Even if you have fewer followers, but your engagement rate is high, there are high chances you will get better results. A digital marketer always tries to keep their followers engaged as there is no point in posting content on social platforms if your followers are not interacting with the content.

Digital marketing being an evolving industry makes it easier for people to get confused and harbor misconceptions. Such misconceptions stop you from exploring and making the most of the opportunities.

Let's point out other misconceptions in the comments.