7 Facebook Ad Copy Hacks That Can Boost Your Conversion

Everyone puts in a lot of effort to set up their Facebook ad campaign and only a fraction of people end up getting good results. Many folks spend a few hundred dollars and they don’t see results and end up shutting down the campaign.

One of the most important aspects of your ad campaign is the ad copy. The content of your ad is almost just as important as your offer!

Think about it. What good is your killer offer going to do if your ad cannot stop people from scrolling right past it?

The sole purpose of the advertisement is to grab the attention of your audience long enough, for you to be able to tell them about your offering, convince them about its benefits, and finally sell it.

We have come up with 7 ways with which your Ad Copy will stop your audience from scrolling right past and boost your conversion.

#1 Create Personas

Have you ever asked yourself who am I writing this for? You’ve got to have this nailed down completely so even in your sleep, you know who your target audience is.

Every time you sit down to write those wonderful and gripping copies, think about who it is for and then direct it to them.

Creating the ideal persona of the audience and then manifesting it into one person with those features will help you write a copy that will be appealing to that person and therefore to the rest of your audience.

Imagine this, you are working for a financial investment advisor. Or maybe you are one. You want to target new clients. 

Who will you be targeting?

Our guess? People who do not know a lot about making sound and secure investments? And are in dire need of your services?

Obviously not people who know all about investments!

In which case, what kind of advertisements would you create?

Now, if you were talking about your services only, you might end up using heavy jargons which a layperson may not be able to understand at all.

What you need to do is think of your target audience, and mould them into an imaginary person. And write your copy for that imaginary person.

Speak to them directly, in words that they will understand.

There is no need to overcomplicate things, keep it as short and as simple as possible.

We have a formula for it too!

#2 Speak of the Transformations

Now, hold up! We are not referring to Hollywood Sci-Fi level Transformers.

When we talk about transformation, we are referring to the WHY.

Why should your audience buy into whatever it is you are selling.

In simpler words, don’t just talk about what you can do for them but focus the message on the bottom line.

What benefit are they going to get out of your product or service and therefore WHY should they sign up for it?

We love examples. So here is another one:

Think about writing a copy for a hair growth serum.

Now as a member of the target audience, you are either losing your hair, have a poor quality of hair, or just want longer hair.

Which of these copies would be more appealing to you?

Chances are its B, even though it tells you very little about the product.

That’s because it shows you what the bottom line of their offering is! 

Copy A tells you more about the serum, but it is in words you don’t understand. What are the benefits of the ingredients? Why should you buy into this?

On the other hand, Copy B gives you no information about the ingredients, just gives you a glimpse of your life after using the product.

It shows you the transformation that will occur in your life from now to when you have used the product and how it will be beneficial to you!

Essentially you need to speak of the benefits and not just the features.

#3 Talking about the Problem Areas

Have you ever been in a situation when you did not even realize how badly you needed something until someone else highlighted the problem you were facing for you? 

Or somebody struck a nerve for a problem you were already facing and then offered a solution for it?

That’s exactly what we are talking about.

When you are talking about the benefits of your product or service!

You have to consider why your target audience needs those benefits?

Why would they want to fix something that’s not broken?

Unless you show them how there are cracks that you can mend for them?

For Example:

If you are trying to sell a cloud kitchen service that provides you with fresh home-made food. What would be a better call to action for you?

Both the copies are selling the same service but the first one highlights the problem you may be facing and offers you a solution for it, while the second one is only offering the service. 

Which one do you think will be more relatable and effective?

#4 Aligning Ad Copy and Creatives

Now, this particular tip is not just about your ad copy but the overall aesthetic of your FaceBook ad.

Keep in mind, that the visuals are just as important as the text when it comes down to the ad’s effectiveness.

Have you ever seen an ad where the visuals were so disconnected that it don't hold any appeal to you at all?

Or an Ad which spoke of mountains and showed you beaches? 

No. Right?

It’s not because ads like these don’t exist. They do.

It’s just that the impact they create on us is so low that we don’t even notice the ads and therefore do not remember them.

Chances are we scroll right past them.

It is important to ensure that the advertisement we create is aesthetically appealing and in line with the main copy of the advertisement so that it can create a better impact on the audience.

#5 The Power of A/B Testing

Have you noticed in the previous hacks we have been giving you an Option A and an Option B to select your preferred advertisements?

That’s It!

That is what A/B testing means.

It is a way to find out which of your different varieties of advertisements work better with your Target Audience and in some cases also which Target Audience is more receptive to what type of advertisement.

A/B Testing makes it easier to understand which of your strategies and copies work well with each other and then allow you to implement your plans accordingly.

#6 Write A Compelling Headline

A study confirmed that 70% of people read the headline before engaging with the ad.The ad headline is arguably the most important aspect of your facebook ad. 

There are 2 ways you can come up with a winning headline.

  1. A/B test 3 headlines and wait until you get 40 to 50 results for the campaign. If you have 50 results and you see headline one has 35 clicks, headline two has 13 clicks and headline three has 2 clicks, you would want to remove headline 3 and test a new headline instead of that.
  2. If your Click-Through rate of the ad is less than 1%, the first thing I would change is the ad headline. Time and over I have seen the ad campaigns perform better just by changing the headline.

Tips for writing magnetic headlines that people can’t help but click:

  • Specificity - Be Precise and Clear
  • Use Action Words As Required “Get”, “Download”, “Try”, “Signup”
  • Emphasize the Transformation

#7 Arousing Curiosity 

There is an idiom- Curiosity Killed The Cat

We believe- “Without Curiosity your Business is Doomed”

Now, this is not for you, but your audience.

Your primary target while advertising should not just be to Sell but to create just enough build-up that they would become curious about you, your products and your services.

 Once you have managed to arouse that curiosity, leave it up to your audience to track down more information about you.

All you have to do is leave a trail of breadcrumbs which will lead them step by step to your exact desired action.

These are just 7 Hacks that we often use in our Facebook Ad Campaigns and wanted to share with you so that you can boost your conversions.

Are you a beginner or you have been doing Facebook ads and not happy with the result? Signup for our Digital Marketing Course where we talk about Facebook ads in much greater details and many other hacks.

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