6 Steps To A Profitable Facebook Campaign

6 steps to a profitable facebook campaign

How much time do you spend on Facebook?

Ever noticed how many ads you see in that time frame?

Facebook ads are quite devious in a way, that they appear just like your other normal posts, the only difference is the sponsored tag which shows that it is an advertisement.

Facebook has approximately 2.45 Billion Active Users Per Month.

That means it is one of the largest advertising platforms available to a Marketer.

Facebook earned approximately $69.66 Billion from their Ad revenues.

That means a lot of Marketers are using Facebook to advertise their brand. But how many of them are actually successful?

Ever wondered how much an ad on Facebook costs?

You’d think that advertising on Facebook would be uber expensive, considering the number of people you can reach in one go. Right?

Well, it is not!

campaign strategy

Depending upon your Campaign Strategy, the cost will vary but it will still be much cheaper than any other traditional medium of advertising.

Needless to say, a well-planned Facebook advertising strategy can go a long way to make your business very profitable. You can reach thousands of people by spending only a few hundreds. 

It is obviously very important to create an offer that your audience feels is a no brainer and to plan creatives which will arouse interest for your audience. 

However, the process doesn’t just end there. It is also just as important to create an ad campaign that will help you reach the right audience, at the right time so that you can generate quality leads and get positive Returns on Your Ad Spend.

We have spent roughly $400k on advertising campaigns on behalf of our clients. A major chunk of it was on Facebook ads.

No, we are not blowing our own trumpet here.

We are sharing these numbers to state the fact that what we are about to share with you next is tried, tested and proven to work.

We have over the course of our experience pinpointed 6 Main Components that you need to keep in mind while planning successful Facebook Ad Campaigns.
6 steps to profitable campaigns

#1 Set up Your Strategy

The Strategy here is not just your content plan or how much you are willing to spend. The first question you need to ask yourself while planning your strategy is “What Do You Wish To Achieve?”

Everything else depends on your answer to this question, what kind of content you will put out, what kind of copies you should write for the ads, how much you should spend and who you should target. 

All of it has to first tie back to the outcome you desire.

Keep in mind, that you will have to set your eyes on one very specific goal. Don’t try to achieve everything with one advertisement itself, because that will get you nowhere.

So first decide whether you want to focus on- there are a lot of options to choose from like Brand Awareness, Conversion, App Installs, Lead Generation, Engagement etc.

step up your strategy

Overall, a good Facebook Strategy will contain 3 things:

a.   How to attract new customers?

b.   How to make a small sale to those customers?

c.   Sell your core high-value offer.

Keeping this in mind, you can create your strategy step by step to help you achieve all of these goals.

#2 Place Pixel Properly on the Site

You might be wondering what Pixel is?

Facebook’s Pixel is a small piece of code that you can add to your website. It will track how your visitors are engaging with your website and what actions they are taking

This is important because the data collected here will help you optimize your ads and target the right kind of audience.
facebook pixel property

Setting up Pixel is fairly easy-

a.   Go to business.facebook.com

b.   Click on Events Manager

c.   Connect a New Data Source- Select Web

d.   Select Facebook Pixel

e.   And, Connect

f.   Add the code to your website

Voila! You now have a steady stream of your audience data that will surely set you up for success in your ad campaigns.

#3 Choose the Right Audience

We hate wasting money. Even if you have a big Ad Budget, it is important you spend it in the right places to get the best results.

The best way to spend money properly while creating your ad campaign? 

Choosing the right audience for it!

Facebook charges you for your ads based on the goals you set up for your campaign initially. 

That being said, it is important to make sure that your ad is reaching the right set of people who will actually be relevant to you so that you can get maximum desired results.


right audience

Well, imagine if you were setting up a campaign for Pedigree (a Dog Food company). The goal of this campaign would be to target people who are dog lovers and have a dog and therefore the product will be relevant to them. If the ad is shown to someone who is not a dog lover, doesn’t have a dog or any interest in dogs too, then you have just wasted your money. 

This is why selecting the right Target Audience for your Ad campaign is very important.

Fortunately, Facebook offers a lot of filtering options based on Demography, Interests, Geography, etc which can help you to target the right people for your ads and make your campaign more profitable.

#4 Create a Compelling Ad Copy

Writing a compelling ad copy becomes very easy once you understand one simple logic behind all ad copies-

Your audience is not just looking at the product, but at what your product can do for them.

The best Ad copies are the ones that talk about the transformation your product/service will help your audience achieve. 

Essentially, the before and after the stage of using whatever it is that you are selling. 

You need to be relevant, direct and give your audience a very clear reason to click on your ad.

compelling ad copy

Another thing that you need to keep in mind while writing your ad copy is the stage at which your audience is based on their previous interactions with your brand. That means:

a.   People who have never heard of you are called Cold Audiences. The goal here should be to grab the attention of your audience and get them to know more about you.

b.   People who know of you but haven’t yet developed enough confidence to trust you and purchase from you yet, are called Warm Audiences. The goal here should be to keep interacting with your audience so that they can start to trust your expertise.

c.   People who trust you and are happy with you, having interacted with you previously are called Hot Audiences. The goal here should be to finally make the sale.

Check out our blog on 7 Ad Copy Hacks That Can Boost Your Conversion to know how to write compelling ad copies in detail.

#5 Create Magnetic Visuals

Your ad visuals are the creative representation of your message

The visuals are going to grab the first bit of attention and make your audience stop scrolling away.
magnetic visual

Therefore, the visuals need to be engaging and magnetic, but at the same time, they also need to align with your ad copy.

There are many different types of content pieces you can put out, like single static posts, video, carousels, etc. 

All of these have their own benefits, rest assured, whether you create these visuals yourself or get them made through a professional you need to make sure that they are instantly eye-grabbing, align with your copy and your brand feel.

#6 Setting up the Ad on Facebook Business Manager

The last stage of creating a profitable campaign is to actually set it up on Facebook Business Manager. Facebook Business Manager is like setting up a prepaid account for your ads, where you can create the main campaign with different ad sets (for different audiences and different creatives). Under the ad sets, you can run different ads.

On the Business Manager, you will be able to finally select the Campaign Objective, filter the audiences it will reach, even set up the budget and the timeline for your campaign.
payment method

It will require you to add a payment method in advance from which the charges for your ad will be deducted as it starts delivering the results according to your campaign objective.

We have finally reached the end of the 6 Steps or Main Components that you will have to keep in mind while planning your Facebook ad campaign.

It may seem difficult at the beginning, but the only solution to that is to keep experimenting with all of the metrics and filters and see what works for your business. 

Facebook Ads do not offer a one size fits all solution and therefore, you will have to keep testing till you find that which works for you and then test some more to make it better.

Read our blog on The Number 1 Reason Your Ads Are Not Working for a better understanding. 

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