5 Super Effective Ways to Generate Leads for Roofing and Flooring Business

  • Mintu Jha 

It’s since forever that Roofing and Flooring Business has been driven by the Word of Mouth, right?

You do quality work and clients will find you because they need the best for their homes, isn’t it? No, the world is changing and your ways should change too.

While one needs to continually test and adopt strategies that will work the best to generate leads, we are sharing five easy and practical ways to generate leads for Roofing and Flooring Business and these are super effective.

  1. GMB or Google my Business

So every time someone needs a new floor or a roof, that person just goes on the internet and googles to find the best person or business nearby, now will that person find you or not depends on how you rank in their searches which depends on your SEO.

While we could make this about local SEO which could be too technical. The good news is that setting up your GMB or Google my Business is easy and in most cases enough for online visibility. You are not only found but you can also share relevant details, of course for free.

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  2. Reviews

We don’t need statistics to make a point here. Both online and offline reviews can make or break your brand, cultivating great reviews will only make you harvest great business.

Asking for reviews is of course the most logical and easy thing to do. Depending on your area and audience, choosing the right platform for review is the next (Google, Yelp, Home advisor, etc.) Incentivizing your clients for a good review might be many times worth it.

Bonus Tip- You don’t have to wait for the project to be over to ask for a Review.

  3. Referral Programme

Yes, it’s very relevant. Homes need fixing, they need new floors and roofs all the time. You will be amazed at how much people love to talk about houses, be it their own or someone else’s. If you figure a befitting reward for every time someone referred your services, you are not only likely to be booked all the time but even be the talk of the town 😉

  4. Manychat Bots

86% of customers say they are willing to pay 13%-18% more for a better customer experience. Chatbots can make that easier.

Queries on queries, if there was a way to keep them all engaged and even better, happy! wouldn’t that be great? Manychat allows 100% automation on Facebook and Instagram chats and lets you connect, answer and even sell to prospects on Facebook and Instagram.

Making your work a lot easier, isn’t it?

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  5. Lead Generation Advertising

It’s all about the Maths.

If you spend say $1000 on Facebook, YouTube, or Google Ads and end up landing business worth even $5000 to $10,000, it’s a great success. Not just the immediate tangible business that you landed but also in terms of your brand recognition and in terms of the opportunity to serve these clients so well that they give you great testimonials, spread the word, send future referrals and keep coming back to you in future. People who see your ads and don’t need you just yet are also likely to call you in the future. This sounds the easiest, isn’t it? 

For all you know, the agency that you hire might even help you do more by customizing solutions for you around better online presence, content, and email marketing.

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