11 Signs You Should Quit Your Current Job

Do you constantly dread about Mondays and feel as if the weekend could extend? Who doesn’t like to revitalize after a long tiring week and spend some quality time with friends and family doing things they love.

But, on a Sunday evening, if you start feeling if the weekend could be a bit longer and you don’t have to go to work tomorrow, that needs attention. It may mean you're not fully pumped with your career and it makes sense to consider a job change.

Let me tell you about a recent global poll conducted by Gallup found out that 85% of the one billion full-time workers around the world are unhappy or disengaged with their job. However, it might not be very easy to assess your real feelings for your job, I feel you there! 

Everyone feels about the lack of job motivation in a different way. Many people may feel they are underpaid, many don’t see future growth in their job, and many are not able to find a work-life balance.

Let’s dive into 11 signs you are not content with your current job and may need to move away. If you’re thinking, “Move away during a global recession and pandemic?”, keep reading till the end and you will discover how to make a shift and earn 6 figures without quitting your current job. You'll learn how to change your job and have a thrilling career, that you enjoy.

#1: Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

There is a reason why every HR manager in the world wants to know that! So better try to answer that question.

Is it just a job or a career for you?

Ask yourself where do you want to go with this job?  

Are you excited to grow in the same job?

Are you willing to work harder towards it? 

If the job makes you happy and excited about the future, it could be a career. If you feel that your job is just to pay your bills, maybe you should start thinking about a job change.

#2: Your Company is Sinking

You may not want to sink with the sinking ship, moreover, if your company isn’t doing well, it may have to desert you eventually! 

Keep an eye and ear on your company, just like the company does. Watch out for your company in news, and information that could mean things such as fall in share prices, strikes, or closing of stores.

#3: Miserable Mornings?

If you wake up in the morning dreading to go to work, you might want to try to fix this, whatever be the reason. 

Fixing your mornings fixes your days too. After all, how we spend our days is how we spend our lives, isn’t it?

#4: Too Comfortable

Are you making careless mistakes too often?

Can you do your job with your eyes closed?

If the answer to any of these questions is “yes”, It could be a sign that you are “too Comfortable” and might have exhausted your opportunities there!

It’s true that no one grows in a comfort zone, however comfortable. You might still want to grow? Consider that!

#5: Thinking About Work Always?

Do you find yourself talking about the job all the time, it’s great if your job excites you but if you are complaining about the job or boss or colleagues all the time, you might need to rethink about the entire situation?

However, if you are justifying your job too much, that’s no good either. for instance, “I hate the job but benefits are awesome.”

“The pay is less, the growth is slow but I love the culture here”. These could be a sign that you are not being honest with yourself.

#6: “Where is the money”?

It’s definitely hard to ignore the remuneration, while it’s pretty common to feel underpaid but if your company is plainly exploiting you, consider selling your services elsewhere. 

Signs that your company is exploiting you may be insufficient raise in spite of both you and your company doing well or no increase in pay with an increase in work and responsibilities or no provision for payment of overtime work.

#7: Mismatch

Ever wondered that you and your company do not “match”? If the very culture of your company is opposite your morality, for example, you work as an honest salesman of a dishonest company, that could be a red signal.

If you find the working culture of your organization extremely toxic or abusive or dangerous, you might want to reconsider your future with the company.

#8: Don’t Feel Belonged?

“Are your ideas always ignored?” 

“Are you cornered more often than seldom?” 

“Never appreciated?” 

“Are all your efforts to make it work exhausted?” 

If there is nothing that you can do anymore, try moving on! if you know you don’t belong here, try looking for a place where you may belong.

#9: Feel Overqualified?

While we all stand for the dignity of labor and not define success or greatness monetarily, but if you are cleaning the planes that you can fly, this is alarming. It’s not a win situation for anyone.

#10: Work-life Balance

Does your job require you to sacrifice your physical, mental, and emotional health beyond endurance?

Be it unreasonably long working hours, unattended work hazards, or emotional abuse by your managers, know that in the long run, this adjustment or compromise will bring trouble and misery. 

#11: Bigger Calling

If you continually feel a “Bigger Calling” stopping you to excel or continue in your job, you may need to make an honest and deep introspection! What is that you want?

How are you going to get it? There is a good reason to believe that your efforts are better to put somewhere else.

If you have managed to read up to here, there are good chances that somewhere deep inside you, there's a calling to part ways with your job.

Quitting your job may be an uphill task, your job might not just be about you. But it could be just a matter of time that you might feel bored, stuck, and like a failure. It is never easy to make such difficult decisions but that job isn’t easier either!

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