Top 10 Ways To Push Your Business Into The Digital World

Most offline businesses experienced terrible setbacks and financial loss during the global crisis in 2020. Statistics released by Yelp say 60% of businesses had to permanently shut down their operations as they couldn’t recover.

Another study says that over 100k businesses that closed temporarily, were forced to be out of business.

On the other hand, Amazon tripled its profit while businesses were forced to shut down.

Believe it or not, if you want your business to thrive and succeed, you must have a strategic online presence.

The inability of the buyer to come to shop and buy because of the lockdown has made it difficult for traditional businesses but you also must have seen some businesses flourishing in lockdown do you know the reason why?

It is because they have pushed their business into the digital world.

In today’s competitive edge it is very important for every business to have an online presence to survive. Buying habits of people have seen drastic changed in the last year so entrepreneurs must change their way of business according to market conditions instead of being just depressed about it.

Here are 10 ways to push your business into the digital world 

Build a website

Website is your digital real estate for your business same as your offline shop. Choosing the right hosting plan can be a task for you as there are many companies there in the market already. You have to think before about your selling expectations before selecting a platform for your business.

For example, 

If you are a yoga instructor you might want to write blogs about health tips & suggestions, which will help your customer to trust your brand and book appointments or classes with you. But if you want to sell vegetables online you need to go for an eCommerce platform. Which will help you sell your product online.

Create social media profiles

Social Media is the best and easiest way to showcase your products and services to your ideal customers. Almost more than half of people in the world are on social media. Just imagine you can reach millions of people just with few steps. 

An average person spends almost 2-3 hours daily on social media. So why not sell your product or services here?

Also, social media like Instagram, Facebook, Quora gives chance to interact with your customer directly so that you can understand their needs and problem about your product and make changes accordingly.

Decide your targeted audience

Before you move on to content creation and marketing you must decide who are your targeted audience. According to your product or service, you should segment your audience so that it will reach the right group of people and help you sell. 

Plan a killer content strategy for the website and social media

Content can be a very important aspect of your business. As you won’t be available to tell them about your product, your content will help customers to understand your product and services.

Make sure your content has been of good quality otherwise it will not give the right message to your ideal audience and it will end up confusing them.

Setup Google my business page

Setting up google my business can be the next important step to make sure your customer finds you out easily. You can add images, website address, and your local shop address if any.  Google my business page will help you get found with the help of maps and information you have provided. 

Double-check if you have submitted the right information about your business or it will end up irritating your customers

Try to get more and more review from people

What is the first thing you do if you want to go to a restaurant with your family?

You check the reviews right?

Good reviews add credibility to your business and bad reviews can do the opposite of it, but you should always true to your customer.

You can ask your old customer to write something they liked about yourself. It helps new customers trust your product/services and buy more.

Social Media Ad campaigns

Facebook provides a service in which you can run an ad campaign and reach out to many potential customers. In this, you have to pay an amount of money to make your product visible to others. The Facebook ads work like magic if you optimize in a better way.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the way of marketing by which you can send emails to your ideal client to make them aware of it. If you are not collecting emails from your existing clients can be a very big mistake for your business. You should start building your email list from day one as it is something that every businessman should invest their time in.

Join different online platforms 

People has already got used to online platforms and getting value from them. If you are a small business owner you should use these platforms to earn profits.

For example, If you are a restaurant owner you should try to be on Zomato, Swiggy, Uber eats. Or if you are a doctor you should use platforms like Practo.

These platforms may charge some amount of money but can be very profitable. 

Add a specific CTA

Call to action is a term used to describe a specific action that a marketer wants the reader to take.

You have to be specific with what you want your potential client to do whether you want them to call you, book an appointment, or buy your product.

It should be clear. Otherwise, you will end up losing your customer.

Go ahead and try as many of these 10 strategies as possible and see how it helps grow your business. 

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